is NOT a Real Site but a Hoodwink for Dozens of Deceptive Services screencaps

From time to time, deceptive online businesses don’t even create a new website to lure new users in. All they do is make one new front page and that link it to a number of their other previous creations to build an illusion of rich databases. uses this method to open a new lie … Read more is French Dating Website Only if You Don’t Recognize the Scam screencap is a specific dating website because it’s focused only on women. Surprising, right?! We don’t find that often. Usually, most dating sites target man, but that doesn’t mean that there are no exceptions. is one of those exceptions. It’s actually a French site but you can easily use it if you apply the … Read more Has a Dash of French Panache and a Lot of Fake Features screencap

Love is a game, that’s what says so. Well, everything is obviously a game for them, proven by the way they treat their users! This French-related subsidiary of Together Networks is just as rotten as its all worldwide partners. Expect to be fooled at every corner and open up your eyes wide before you … Read more Dating Site Review: The Good and the Bad of Getting a Membership screencap

It doesn’t mean that if you’re a senior you can’t have an exciting sex life. In fact, people claim that as they get older their sex life improves. Only young people are so arrogant to think that they know all about sex and that when you get very old everything dries up. However, that’s not … Read more

The Most Succinct Listicle About to Let You Learn the Crooks’ Tricks screencap

For some companies, there is no stopping to how far they can go. is another copy of the cute girls’ screen as seen on other websites. We can hardly tell how it is possible to use the same type of screen for dozens of sites, changing only the name and hoping that no one will … Read more

Checking Up the Truths and Lies of a UK Swinger’s Site: Scam Revealed screencap

One unusual member related to Venntro Media is Even if some of the sites from this network connect to this last domain, it seems that this particular domain is an affiliate. It’s not the classic hookup site. It includes various content that is designed for UK swingers. Most links connect to other hookup sites. … Read more

How to Become More Watchful on & Avoid Unnecessary Purchases screencap

The most devious dating services are not detectable at the start. It needs some digging to discover that you’re dealing with an unwelcome fraud. For, the investigation didn’t take long. It’s part of the systematic rip-off performed by Venntro Media Group, involving several similar sounding domains that are intended for British customers who like … Read more’ve Done Most of the Legwork For You screencap is associated with another site with a similar name that has the “UK” addition at the end. This is not unusual, as these hookup sites often work on several locations for the convenience of the local members. This concrete dating platform is for the U.S. market. People who like having some no-strings-attached fun outside … Read more

You are Not Going to Like What We’ve Found Out About Dating Site screencap is a member of the network of websites that uses “Online Cupids”. Online Cupids are virtual profiles of women that are not real. Sometimes, the cupids involve bots made by computer software. On other occasions, the cupids are just employed contractors that work with multiple profiles at once just to get new naive users … Read more

The Scam with Paid Credits of is Just Getting Worse screencap

If is the hookup site that will bring you “fancy sexy flirting”, “thousands of new men and women” and extending your social circle or challenge and excitement, then your hookup chances are destined to fail. All adult dating sites produced by Festivus Media are very suspicious and none of the reviewed so far has presented … Read more