is a Rip-off Marketing Platform, Not a Dating Site! screencap

The whole concept of is wrapped around crafting clever and imaginative marketing methods for attracting new customers. Naturally, to attract customers that are interested in dating you must create an impression that the site already has a lot of many attractive women. These women seem to be eagerly waiting to find dates and never … Read more

Charging 3 Times for the Same Service: and Its Dodgy Ambush Exposed screencap is a French name for the same type of sites that we’ve been investigating for a while now. Only the name is original, the rest is a scam that shouldn’t be trusted. By the way, the meaning of the name in French is Instant Hookups. But if you think that’s what expects you here, … Read more

Revealing Underhand Tricks by Fake Chat and Programmed Messages screencap

Many times companies advertise dating opportunities on their website like amazingly successful. They say that they will do wonders for your love life and, more importantly, for your sex life. On for instance, there are dozens of exciting testimonials stating that you’re dating life will have a magnificent overhaul and that you will stop … Read more

Full-Blown Scam Exposed: is a Fake Dating Website! screencap

Dating bigger girls is not so popular when you are in a nightclub. Therefore, many users like hopping online to solve the matter directly, without beating around the bush and explaining themselves to their friends. Did you know that many men prefer dating bigger ladies but can’t really admit that they do since that’s not the … Read more

How We Found Out that is a Deceitful Dating Website screencap is a site for dating mature ladies. You get the picture from the photo of that cool lady that’s on the front page. False dating websites really know how to pull this off with sites for matures. In fact, older members are an easier audience since they don’t spend as much time in nightclubs … Read more is a Scandinavian Trick for Selling Fake Dating Services screencap

Okay, it is not like is really a Scandinavian trick, but if you use it from a mobile, it turns into a Scandinavian-friendly alternative which has target reach in the Nordic countries. Despite the expedition to the north, it is still a big scam produced by Together Network Limited. It is not like they … Read more

One of the Worst Frauds Out There is on Today’s Agenda: Exposed! screencap is one of the more popular casual dating sites by Together Networks LTD. That doesn’t mean that the content is so good making the site popular. it also doesn’t mean that you are going to get laid plenty of times to justify the popularity. The reason that it is so well-known in the online … Read more

Why is a Scam That’s Ripping Off All New Users screencap

How about getting some awesome and exciting flirty messages with just a few clicks, and then sending just a few more to finalize things and land that date? Sounds nice, doesn’t it? It’s no wonder manages to pull this off, so many people like to get easy sexy dates on online platforms! Not all of them … Read more Has a Dash of French Panache and a Lot of Fake Features screencap

Love is a game, that’s what says so. Well, everything is obviously a game for them, proven by the way they treat their users! This French-related subsidiary of Together Networks is just as rotten as its all worldwide partners. Expect to be fooled at every corner and open up your eyes wide before you … Read more

The Biggest Time-waster and Rip-off Master in One: screencap

Today we have the honor or, better to say, the lucky chance to discover the fraud of Again, this is a Timespace Holdings Limited product. All tricks used here are very similar as we have found them so far on other websites. Be careful because this site is very nicely designed. You can fall … Read more