Passionate Neighbors Review

SUMMARY: promises to connect individuals with passionate neighbors for casual encounters. But does it deliver? This review explores the legitimacy and functionality. Find out what I know and discovered during my initial deep-dive into Passionate Neighbors as a paid user. If you’re looking for some quick facts about the site, see below…
  • Passionate Neighbors Overall: A dating website catering to individuals seeking casual sexual encounters.
  • Legitimacy Concerns: Despite its promising facade, user reviews raise significant doubts about the platform’s authenticity.
  • Operational Aspects: Registration, profile creation, and match searching constitute the basic framework of Passionate Neighbors.
  • Messaging: While interaction is facilitated, it comes at a steep cost, with users required to purchase coins for communication.
  • Costs: Coin plans ranging from $20.15 to $305.47 via PayPal prompt scrutiny over the value proposition and affordability. Review

Singles – whether men or women – have considered using dating apps with hopes of finding a good partner. But considering the number of choices available, it could be tough to find the right one for you.

Passionate Neighbors is one of the most frequently visited dating websites for anyone interested in having a hookup. As its name suggests, this platform allows you to find a passionate neighbor. But how true is this promise?

This review serves as your guide to decide if this platform is true to its word. Explore the nitty-gritty details of this website.

What is

When you first visit, you will find that it seems promising and inviting. But if you will dig deeper, you will notice some red flags.

This website was established in 2022 and designed for anyone looking for a casual sex date. Since this platform is still new in the industry, several questions might be running in your mind. “Is passionate neighbors legit?” “Is passionate neighbors a scam?” These are just a few of the questions you may have. But don’t worry, I will answer your queries here.

Is It Legit?

If you are a newbie in the dating world, it is important to be cautious and do your homework when trying out new dating websites. Check out users’ feedback and reviews and make sure to determine if the site has proper privacy and security measures in place.

Remember that there is no guarantee in dating websites and there’s nothing wrong in trying. However, if you want to try Passionate Neighbors, we recommend you look for somewhere else.

I have read customer reviews about the website and most of them said that is a fraud. Although the website lets you talk to other members, you can’t find any assurance that you can set up a meetup.

Online dating can be great, but it’s always good to be a smart and cautious dater. Doing so will keep you away from spending too much on something you cannot benefit from.

How Does Work?

If you still want to try and see how this platform works, here are the steps to follow.


Before you start using the features of Passionate Neighbors, the first thing you should do is register. When creating an account, the platform will ask you for basic information, including your name, age, and gender. will also ask you to upload a picture for your profile.

Creating a Profile

After registering an account, you can now create your profile. Most dating websites, including Passionate Neighbors, require you to make a dating profile. This will serve as a preview when other members of the site view your profile. So, you have to add your hobbies, interests, and a brief introduction about yourself.

Search for Potential Matches

The good thing about Passionate Neighbors is that it has filters that let you narrow down your search for potential matches. You can filter your search according to your interests, location, age, etc.


Once you find your match, you can now exchange messages. However, messaging with Passionate Neighbors isn’t free. You have to subscribe to their Coin-Plan so you can generate coins, which will be used in messaging someone.

Take note that you need one coin in every message you send. The following are the coin plans offered by Passionate Neighbors:

  • 10 coins: $20.15
  • 25 coins: $47.64
  • 50 coins: $88.58
  • 100 coins: $164.96
  • 200 coins: $305.47

The only payment method offered by Passionate Neighbors is through PayPal.

Now ask yourself, is it worth it to spend $20.15 to $305.47 for ten to 200 coins? Most of you would probably say no.

My Final Thoughts

If you are considering Passionate Neighbors to find a casual sex encounter, it would be best to use other dating sites. I found several red flags in this platform and most of its previous users claimed that Passionate Neighbors is a scam.

Although the website is quite promising, I cannot remove the fact that its customers are not happy with their dating experience on this site. Plus, they have a very expensive chat plan. Trust us, you can find other more credible dating sites that are genuine in helping you find a partner.

So, to answer the question “Is Passionate Neighbors a scam?” I cannot say that it is 100% a scam, but yes there are way better options out there for you to consider.


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