Swank Escorts Review: Avoid Fee Red Flags

Swank Escorts Review screenshot

Even if I collect years of experience I still wonder how some users fall prey to online dating scams. I’ve reviewed hundreds of dating sites, hookup apps, and escort sites, and still, the same story goes. People believe everything they want to believe on websites even if there is evidence that contradicts their opinion. This … Read more

Companion Escort Moscow Review: Solo Russian Escorts

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Sometimes, independent escort models have their own websites. Even if they are associated with escort directories, they run an independent business. That’s the example with this girl, Natasha. Natasha also calls herself Nata. That’s her escort name on the website. Therefore, I can’t really confirm if she is genuinely Natasha. It seems that Natasha is … Read more

Sexy Asian Escorts Review

Sexy Asian Escorts review

If you’re looking for Asian escorts the middle of London then read this Sexy Asian escorts review. Many of the escort agencies I explore don’t offer specialist services. However, in the heart of London, there so many escort agencies that I am not surprised the some of them are service-specific. Because you can be an … Read more

Catwalk Model Escorts Review

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if you belong or if you think that you belong to the successful elite then this review is for you. Many businessmen often get associated with models. This site is no different. It actually carries the tag “For the successful elite.” That’s how we hear stories of scams and frauds in the newspapers. Business people … Read more

Adult-Directory.com Review

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As promised, I’m taking my time to untangle the convoluted mix of multiple adult directories that carry similar names. Just a while ago, the AdultDirectory.co review was on the agenda. Today, I’m investigating an escort service with a very similar name. The results of my investigation exposed something totally else that has nothing to do … Read more

AdultDirectory.co Review

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AdultDirectory.co looks like an Australian or Southeast Asian Backpage. The problem is that it is poorly designed and almost inactive. So, on top of creating all confusion as usual fake classifieds sites do, this one also has a very scarce potential even for paid dates. You get the usual mix up of categories between dating … Read more

Escoreal-Highclass-Escort Review

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Escoreal-Highclass-Escort is one of the leading German adult companion websites, connected with multiple European and worldwide directories. From the features and the design on this escort service, I can guarantee one thing. These dates are not going to come cheap! The directory has around several dozens of escort girls with exclusive names. Each has her … Read more

Massage Republic Review

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Escort sites and massage service sites are often a product of the same page. Although I frequently find escort sites that include massage services, making the parlor aspect a priority is not always primary. But in the case of Massage Republic.com, the first choice of the provider is massage. Thanks, if you are looking for … Read more

5 Escorts Review

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If the site has over 260 K escorts, do you have better chances to get laid and find a date for free? Not a chance! Escort sites are based on the principle of commercial advertising platforms, and if you are looking for free hookups, don’t waste your time on sites that ask for money! They … Read more

The Other Board Review

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Like many other services I’ve visited, The Other Board starts the introduction to their offer by warning you about your legal age. It would have been amazing if they put all warnings up on the front page! But nope they didn’t! That’s why I do what I do. This website calls itself a provider of … Read more