is a Deceptive Dating Website with Rascal Tricks and Twists screencap

Nautell works tirelessly to create new dating websites, but they don’t invest too much effort in inventing fresh tricks. They use the same old tricks and twists they’ve applied in the previous websites and FreeLifeTime is no different. If you expect something good to happen here, you’re terribly wrong. The site uses fake profiles, … Read more is a Misnomer: Total Scam with Unsafe Payment Protocols screencap

From time to time adult dating scams are a real trouble, especially when they’re very simple and when they’re not as many features you can get hooked on. This is the way of You see just one basic fraudulent screen asking for your credit card details, without any security support. That is enough to … Read more is the Worst Adult Dating Scam! screencap

It’s “long-time-no-see” for our frenemies Nautell. It’s been a while since we’ve met with their network of countless fake websites that use fake profiles called Love Stars Did you miss the infamous abbreviation “LS”? Neither did we. But now they are back, with a vengeance – they use the same methods as before. This newest … Read more Scam Review: Another Flaky Service by Venntro Media screencap

Venntro Media Group finds new customers who are willing to pay for the fraudulent services. On, we see classical lying methods. They use them on all of their associated websites, but slightly change the design and the name of the domain. In essence, everything else is the same, just as we have found out … Read more Affiliates with To Steal Your Credit Card Information screencap

Sometimes, fake dating services pull off simple tricks to get your money., for example, uses a totally separate company to make you think that they can go to lengths, when in fact they have no coverage for what they are offering. It becomes clear as a bright day that the site has created a … Read more Uses Multiple Fraudulent Features to Wipe Off Your Credit Card screencap brings us the perpetual trickery by Nautell. They do this only to tell us that we don’t have any real chance to get laid on this website. Most of the cute and sexy pictures you notice are stock photos. They don’t have anything to do with real persons, just as any other adult dating site … Read more

The Most Succinct Listicle About to Let You Learn the Crooks’ Tricks screencap

For some companies, there is no stopping to how far they can go. is another copy of the cute girls’ screen as seen on other websites. We can hardly tell how it is possible to use the same type of screen for dozens of sites, changing only the name and hoping that no one will … Read more Scam is a member of Snap Interactive. They seem to have a great insight into interesting new businesses and rapid developments since they have a blockchain platform. It’s a bigger company and is just one of their hookups sites with relevant apps in the App and the Play stores. The site included forums and … Read more

Better Late Than Never:’s Scam Revealed Just in Time screencap

I can’t believe we haven’t reviewed by now! They’ve been spoiling the word of decent adult dating for a while now and if we don’t do something about it they will do so for years to come. Just in the typical ways of Nautell and Tralox, SwipeCheaters is a total rip-off that can severely exhaust your money … Read more

Can You Get Laid for Free of Only in Your Dreams!

How are things in the online dating world – what’ s going on? If you expected some exciting news I’m sorry I’ll have to disappoint you. The “free false flags” franchise stopped using the word free in front of the dating website. It now uses a permutation of the words – you basically get the … Read more