Stay Away from the Tinder Copycat and Hold on to Your Hard-Earned Cash screencap

Is a genuine dating site? From what’s available on the site, we can’t say it deserves much credit. Hookup sites that use fictional profiles never provide the services promised on the front page. Following the pattern of location-based searching, the site uses the Tinder concept to match you with people living nearby. You know … Read more is Outright Lying You: We Expose a Direct In-your-face Scam screencap

We found out that a group of UK hookup sites works the same scam in several similar sites. It’s easy to pull off a scam when you have the same resources with a different design at your disposal. Once you know the method, you can replicate the same fraud on multiple domains and have better … Read more

The Biggest Time-waster and Rip-off Master in One: screencap

Today we have the honor or, better to say, the lucky chance to discover the fraud of Again, this is a Timespace Holdings Limited product. All tricks used here are very similar as we have found them so far on other websites. Be careful because this site is very nicely designed. You can fall … Read more Scam Review: How to Manage Expectations That Don’t Realize screencap is a Festivus Media company. This is a famous fraudulent company that works with paid credits. Needless to say, this is a scamming tactic by itself. But that not’s all – you also have to deal with fictive profiles and computer-created messages that are sent for entertainment purposes. Let’s look into how the scam works. … Read more is Sensual Only in the Realm of Fantasy: Fake Profiles Discovered screencap

Sites that sell credits don’t bring too much value and trust to online dating. When they also use fantasy profiles, such as, we guarantee that you are in for a scam. These fictitious profiles are made for entertainment purposes and will not give you some thrilling experiences to look forward to. Unfortunately, this is … Read more

Anything New About Not at All – the Same Old Scam Works! screencap

This is a comeback review of to evaluate how things have changed since we last visited the site. Not many things have changed in the meantime, and other people have fallen for the scam, paying for the fake profiles Online Cupids and computer-generated messages. Why is a Tricky Hookup Site? is dedicated … Read more

What Can You Expect from and How Genuine It is? screencap seems pretty active and believable once you complete the initial tour of the front page. It doesn’t have fake testimonials or photoshopped pics (except for those at the top of presentation purposes) and it seems genuine. The photos from the newly registered members seem realistic. It just looks like you’ve found a casual sex … Read more

How Tricks Its Subscribers with Limited Credit Validity screencap

Festivus Media work tirelessly to spread their fake strategies around the world. They don’t stop in one market or one location. If you thought that one continent is enough for them, think again. Claws are going as far as down under all the way to Australia. With that’s what you are going to get. … Read more is the Total Opposite of the Promised Selfie Heaven screencap

Here is the promised land of selfies  – if you believe everything that you read on the Internet! We honestly hope that you don’t! This would be the likely outcome of what you’ve read so far on Adult Dating Patrol. For those who still don’t have a clue of how things work in the online … Read more is Mega-Scamming You By Fake Content and Virtual Profiles screencap has all that is needed for a classic scam to trick users into fake subscriptions. Nothing more, nothing less. There are the computer-generated messages that come from the same profiles. You don’t need many options to get fooled when there are virtual profiles. That’s all it takes. Let’s find out what is really going on. … Read more