Anything New About Not at All – the Same Old Scam Works! screencap

This is a comeback review of to evaluate how things have changed since we last visited the site. Not many things have changed in the meantime, and other people have fallen for the scam, paying for the fake profiles Online Cupids and computer-generated messages. Why is a Tricky Hookup Site? is dedicated … Read more is a Fake Dating Site real screencap

DeNiro marketing strikes with the age-old scam with the fake profiles created especially for the mature dating community. works with multiple scam methods – almost anything you can think of is found on this false hookup site  – imaginary profiles, cams, ads, hidden charges and much more. On top of everything, it is of … Read more

Real Women Play Hide & Seek on Fake Women Exposed screencap

Things have become so rotten, now you have to watch every step online to protect yourself against frauds. It’s not websites that you have to watch. Now you must keep an eye on apps, too – dangers are lurking from many corners. With you can get into big troubles, both via the website and through … Read more

You are Not Going to Like What We’ve Found Out About Dating Site screencap is a member of the network of websites that uses “Online Cupids”. Online Cupids are virtual profiles of women that are not real. Sometimes, the cupids involve bots made by computer software. On other occasions, the cupids are just employed contractors that work with multiple profiles at once just to get new naive users … Read more is Bamboozling You With Fake Profiles “Online Cupids” screencap

A lot of time is saved when it is obvious right from the start that we are dealing with false businesses. With the announcement with the “Online Cupids” took care of most of the doubts. This service is including the news about the virtual profiles on the subscription page, as many others do, to cut through … Read more

How Come That Dating Scams Like Still Exist? This Review Explains screencap

This short review of will explain all that you need to know about the fictive business of online dating made by the companies that use virtual profiles called Online Cupids. There is no way to circumvent this procedure. You have to agree with them. One other very important thing – the photos used on the front … Read more Scam Review: No Way Around the Fictitious Women Profiles screencap is yet another example of manipulating users with virtual profiles of girls. These virtual profiles are called Online Cupids – yeah, right like you’re going to fall in love with them or like they’re going to help you get laid. You can find more about them in the Terms and Conditions of the site. … Read more

Scam Review: Learn Precious Tips to Avoid the Deceptive Tricks of screencap is a creation of De Niro Marketing, one of the well-known scammers that work with fake profiles called Online Cupids. And, yes, there were so many messages delivered by the software system that this inbox was stuffed like a Christmas tree! All of them, one by one, just dropped off a dirty trick bomb … Read more

Key Elements You Need to Pay Caution To to Evade the Fraud on screencap

Well, at least has the notion of the Online Cupids spread all across the front page. If you see the home screen, you can notice that sexy milf and the dating pitch next to her that mentions the cupids. Is this in favor of You know what to expect right from the start … Read more Scam Review: Take Your Wishes for Getting Laid Elsewhere screencap is a classic scam with all relevant deceitful methods. Don’t expect some special innovative tricks from this fishy site. Normally, the great design is there. you can even see some added security tools to make you think that you have made it. But, this is not the real thing and a quick look at … Read more