Adult Dating Patrol

Welcome to the official Internet dating patrol office. We’re we lay down the law when it comes to dating online!

Discover Which Adult Dating Sites Actually Work

If you’re looking for ways to meet people online in the most casual manner possible, then look no further. is your new best friend. This site will serve as a guide for those that wish to get laid and more importantly avoid common scams that are prevalent with online dating today.

Finding the right dating website can be frustrating, confusing, embarrassing, and even worse, costly if you’re not careful. There’s a whole market out there in which companies and Internet marketers try to take advantage of poor horny locals.

Well, as they say, the buck stops here!

Instead of having to worry about finding and choosing the best adult dating sites to join, we’ve taken the guesswork out of all that and then some. Here’s what we’ve done to help you make more informed decisions when it comes to finding casual sex within the dating pool today.

Let’s face it…

It’s tough out there and someone needed to step up and play watchdog – which is exactly why we started Adult Dating Patrol.

You’ll find detailed reviews of the following types of sites listed below:

  • Casual Sex Sites
  • Fetish Networks
  • Swinger Communities
  • Hookup Apps
  • Escort Forums
  • and MORE!

We’ve called out businesses running many dating scam operations and guess what, as the AdultDatingPatrol aka ADP, we can do whatever we want – WE’RE IN CHARGE NOW!

If you come across a dating site that smells a little fishy, then let us know, we’re happy to do a full investigation and let you know everything about the site, down to who owns and what company is behind it along with their marketing and billing practices.

Some of the things that we typically pick up on during our investigations are:

  • Fake Profiles
  • Credit Card Scams
  • Marketing Scams
  • Redirects
  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Nigerian Money Scams
  • Fake Messaging
  • and MORE!

Not only do we focus on our own experience but consumer roles and opinions in general play a huge part in all of this.

We also break down the difference between paid dating sites and free sites. Yes, there’s a huge difference. You’ll quickly learn once you start reading some of the reviews posted here.

I guess the million dollar question that you still probably have is how to decide which site is the best to join for hooking up with someone?

Choosing The Best Hookup Site

There are some basic things you’ll want to be on the lookout for when choosing a hookup site that’s right for you. The first thing that I’m going to suggest and I know I’ll get guff for it is to only select a premium or paid adult dating site. There are many reasons for which I say that but I’m not going to get into all that right now.

Instead, here are the things that you need to think about when choosing a site for hookups only.

Security – Is the site secure, using the best SSL and technology out today to protect your identity and personal information?

Support – Does the website have around the clock customer support? Did you have to search for the contact information? Is it just an email form or live chat support?

Profile Pics – Are the users attractive? If they are, do 100% of them look so attractive that it’s too good to be true?

Billing – Does the website have a billing support number should you have any payment issues of any kind?

Platforms – Is the network accessible via a desktop computer, a mobile app, and tablet or is it limited to one device only?

These are all some of the basic things that you’ll need to ask yourself when browsing the Internet looking for hookup sites.

Which Are The Best?

I thought you’d never ask! We’ve got a top list of all the best hookup sites that we stand behind and my guess is that you’ll love each and every one of them if you join them. The websites below are the most popular in 2018, feel free to check them out and read what makes each one unique.

(That is the consensus overall #1 choice for sex daters!)

(A very close second.)