You are Not Going to Like What We’ve Found Out About Dating Site is a member of the network of websites that uses “Online Cupids”. Online Cupids are virtual profiles of women that are not real. Sometimes, the cupids involve bots made by computer software. On other occasions, the cupids are just employed contractors that work with multiple profiles at once just to get new naive users into the money extortion web.

Authenticity of GetHerLaid

Here is a screenshot of the registration page where you are getting the explanation of the possibilities for dating on As you may notice, the Online Cupids are an inevitable part of the deal, and you can’t join the site unless you agree to their existence:

getherlaid review

Why is Just an Online Dating Scam

Here is why is not a great dating site where you have good chances to get casual sex.

Additional Websites on Use Your Data

As a general rule, many dating site networks use these strategies to pile up more people in the same place and then distribute the details on the other partnering sites to create a bigger buzz. Well, luckily, is at least not charging extra for those new memberships, despite the fact that it’s rubbing them into your face.

getherlaid terms

Instant Messaging System Sends Fake Chats and Emails

The virtual profiles don’t just sit there and do nothing. They are actually quite active. They perform their duties via the messaging options. This is how you end up with dozens of fake messages in your inbox and your mailbox. All these women sending you sexy messages, and none of them are real!

getherlaid more terms

Online Cupids Manage the Site And Trick Users

Just as any other website with fake fabricated women profiles, so does uses them to entice new people to upgrade, generate more content and activity, monitor user behavior and play the game of seduction and encouragement for users who are really passionate to get that booty call date all done.

getherlaid fake profiles

Price Tag

  • 29.95 for a 1-month subscription
  • $69.00 for a 3-month subscription

Busted or Trusted?

There is no way around the Online Cupids on so it’s best to make a big turnaround and stay as fas as possible for the site, even without registration. If you like to experiment with your dating prospects and test your limits for getting fooled, go ahead and be my guest, but stay alert that you may get into big trouble!

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