Nautell doesn’t stay very far from copying its awful pattern for scamming others in multiple websites, landing pages, and affiliates. It’s not a big surprise that and are not at all originals. They are just kinky domains that link to, which means that the content is exactly the same. Why are […]

Continue Reading uses a series of tricks from its typical repertoire. It’s all about the illusion of a real dating site where plenty is happening. The real story is that anything can seem real online. When you don’t have a tangible truth of what is real and what is fake, it’s easy to fall prey to […]

Continue Reading is a dating service with nice and sexy pictures. Yet, it’s nowhere near as safe as you would expect it to be. Don’t be surprised if many of your hookup nightmares become real on this fraudulent hookup site. A large number of users on get fooled for the same reasons. The naked pictures […]

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