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It’s “long-time-no-see” for our frenemies Nautell. It’s been a while since we’ve met with their network of countless fake websites that use fake profiles called Love Stars Did you miss the infamous abbreviation “LS”? Neither did we. But now they are back, with a vengeance – they use the same methods as before. This newest … Read more Uses Multiple Fraudulent Features to Wipe Off Your Credit Card screencap brings us the perpetual trickery by Nautell. They do this only to tell us that we don’t have any real chance to get laid on this website. Most of the cute and sexy pictures you notice are stock photos. They don’t have anything to do with real persons, just as any other adult dating site … Read more is Non-Existent dating App Linking to screencap

How come so many adult dating websites remain in existence when we are doing our best to dismiss and warn you about them? Well, the first and very obvious reason is the human character. It is full of frailties. People are not always with genuine intentions. On the user side, when it comes to casual … Read more and Link to Another Scam: and screencap

Nautell doesn’t stay very far from copying its awful pattern for scamming others in multiple websites, landing pages, and affiliates. It’s not a big surprise that and are not at all originals. They are just kinky domains that link to, which means that the content is exactly the same. Why are … Read more is a Total Scam screencap uses a series of tricks from its typical repertoire. It’s all about the illusion of a real dating site where plenty is happening. The real story is that anything can seem real online. When you don’t have a tangible truth of what is real and what is fake, it’s easy to fall prey to … Read more

3 Reasons Why You Should’t Hope for Any Real Date Success on screencap

By now, you all probably now the story of the Nautell network and the way it manages its phony websites. Well, welcome to the next sequel called Novelties are rare, the crooked tricks are ancient. If you are a first-time user, the narrative from someone who has plenty of experience will definitely be helpful. … Read more

The Most Succinct Listicle About to Let You Learn the Crooks’ Tricks screencap

For some companies, there is no stopping to how far they can go. is another copy of the cute girls’ screen as seen on other websites. We can hardly tell how it is possible to use the same type of screen for dozens of sites, changing only the name and hoping that no one will … Read more Reviews Aren’t Great screencap is a dating service with nice and sexy pictures. Yet, it’s nowhere near as safe as you would expect it to be. Don’t be surprised if many of your hookup nightmares become real on this fraudulent hookup site. A large number of users on get fooled for the same reasons. The naked pictures … Read more

Scam Review: Trades You Off With A Network of Websites links to, which means it is under the umbrella of the Nautell websites. If you know a thing or two about Nautell, then you know what to expect. Knowing something about life will help you not believe sites that promise free subscriptions for good! With a catchy name like that, I bet many people … Read more

Why Do We Know You Need To Steer Clear From Boneamilf.Com? screencap

It has been a while since we have met with our friends “freelifetime” hookup websites. This site doesn’t do anything else than what they usually do. A very sexy blonde with extensions in her hair seductively stares at the screen and starts undressing, showing her breasts.That’s happening on the registration screen of Some may … Read more