Ulla.com Has a Dash of French Panache and a Lot of Fake Features

ulla.com screencap

Love is a game, that’s what Ulla.com says so. Well, everything is obviously a game for them, proven by the way they treat their users! This French-related subsidiary of Together Networks is just as rotten as its all worldwide partners. Expect to be fooled at every corner and open up your eyes wide before you … Read more

The Problems with Kismia.com You Haven’t Noticed Are Explained in This Review

Kismia.com screencap

I wonder how the creators of this adult dating site came up with this name. It’s cute, flirty and sexy, but it doesn’t mean anything. I assume that by searching for a good domain they just couldn’t find anything appropriate with the “kiss me” phrase and decided to go for this other phrase which is … Read more