Scam Review: How Not Everything is About Looks; Something is About Money, Too! screencap

“Find your Ukrainian beauty”! – that’s the promise of Well, for sure, it’s easier to pull off a scam with fake pictures and profiles when you mention the real people they represent are gorgeous. In this case. you will have to be super wary to avoid one of the staff profiles to keep entertaining you … Read more is a Total Disconnect from Any Chance to Get Laid for Real screencap belongs to the Friend Finder Network, so if you know some bits and pieces about the network, then you probably know what to expect. FFN works with at least a dozen subsidiaries as companies, and God knows how many separate websites. But it’s easy to recognize them as they have the same peripheral features, … Read more

This Scam Review of Will Explain What’s the Catch screencap

Without a doubt, many people love dating housewives. They are approachable, convenient, and they don’t look for long-term relationships. They are the ideal candidates for casual hookups. No wonder fraudulent dating websites use them as bait to populate the members’ area on their fake dating services such as this one. Again, we see a very convenient … Read more Sells Your Data to Partner Companies Providing Nothing in Return screencap

Many casual daters think that wives are the most suspicious category for online dating. They are the no strings attached category, so no one would bother with the consequences of one night stands. These can be related to anything about mixed and confusing messages on different preferences. Therefore fraudulent dating websites use this tactic to … Read more Review screencap

If you’re married, you may have bigger difficulties than other people to find decent dates. You need to keep it discreet, simple and out of the eyes of people who can catch you. Let’s say that many dating sites developed a sixth sense for that. This is why so many users fall for fraudulent dating … Read more Dating Site Review: The Good and the Bad of Getting a Membership screencap

It doesn’t mean that if you’re a senior you can’t have an exciting sex life. In fact, people claim that as they get older their sex life improves. Only young people are so arrogant to think that they know all about sex and that when you get very old everything dries up. However, that’s not … Read more

How Genuine is and Will You get Laid by Paying for a Subscription? screencap

Finding a through dating site can be one in a million occurrence. No wonder we get so surprised when the site has almost anything that’s necessary, and only involves a few minor issues! It seems that belongs to the legit dating site and that it can serve you for many years to come. it’s important … Read more is Full of Fake Content and Virtual Coins that Expire in 3 Months screencap

Today we have to review a European adult dating site, which belongs to the UK market called Yes, the picture on the front page looks like that of an adult, but otherwise, this company that is behind the scam is like a child. It lies and manipulates users with fake staff profiles. It encourages … Read more is Full of Con Artists and Scam Wizards that Steal Your Precious Time screencap

What can you do when you find a dating site that uses third-party companies as their main suppliers? You know that you do business with crooks. This is a regular method for avoiding responsibility. It just pours everything in the accountability bucket of the other company. Users and third-party suppliers need to communicate with each … Read more

Anything New About Not at All – the Same Old Scam Works! screencap

This is a comeback review of to evaluate how things have changed since we last visited the site. Not many things have changed in the meantime, and other people have fallen for the scam, paying for the fake profiles Online Cupids and computer-generated messages. Why is a Tricky Hookup Site? is dedicated … Read more