’ve Done Most of the Legwork For You is associated with another site with a similar name that has the “UK” addition at the end. This is not unusual, as these hookup sites often work on several locations for the convenience of the local members. This concrete dating platform is for the U.S. market. People who like having some no-strings-attached fun outside of the serious relationships join; it seems there are over 20,000 members. Even the CEO’s signature is on the page. But does it really work?

Authenticity will do anything to take care of its members’ needs, or that’s what it says. There is a blog with adult dating advice, answers to user most frequent questions, explanations of how the site work and several ways of support. The company that runs it is called Global Personals. It is fantastic for selling credits if that’s what you want to use and buy. The problem is that they sell the credits for a lot of nonsense, such as virtual gifts. We guess users fall for them because they are some sort of communication. Now, what exactly does sell?

Why is a Tricky Dating Site

Let’s look into the work of this service for tied-up people in more detail.

Associated Websites with

Global Personals has a string of websites dedicated to different regions. The central operations are in the UK. That’s why the Terms & Conditions on this platform link to the domain It just makes is wonder if there’s a separate database where U.S. users have more chances to meet someone. It’s not a good sign. It would be harder to hook up with someone from London, don’t you think? Booking international travel and all that? Who needs this? In case you want to do that, go ahead. But in general, Marital is not very hopeful, mostly because of the promotions and credits it sells.

Promotions that Turn into Full Subscription

The site often runs promotional offers. These are posted and published on similar industry sites, typically offering discounts or coupon codes for freebies. This is a great bait for users who have never been a member of adult dating sites. “What the heck”, they’d say ‘Why don’t I check it out?” This innocent start can cost a lot if you don’t check the promotion rules and the automatic renewals. will renew promos by default. Keep this in mind when you’re browsing the site in ‘free’ mode.

Pricey Gifts and Credits

Global Personals always works with credits which users exchange for the site services. Services include messaging, photo browsing and virtual gifts. The point is you can never tell how many credits you need for a decent conversation and end up spending way more than you have planned.

Price Tag

  • $19.99 for a monthly membership
  • $29.99 for s 3-month membership
  • $59.99 for a 6-month membership

Busted or Trusted?

Is any good? Well, if you think that spending money on nonsensical virtual products is, then yes. But if you are a fan of getting the proper value for your money, then you may want to search for your casual sex fun somewhere else. There are plenty of good quality legit dating sites that are not strictly for married people. Trying those increases your chances to reach a larger number of people.

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