Companion Escort Moscow Review: Solo Russian Escorts

Companion Escort Moscow Review screenshot

Sometimes, independent escort models have their own websites. Even if they are associated with escort directories, they run an independent business. That’s the example with this girl, Natasha. Natasha also calls herself Nata. That’s her escort name on the website. Therefore, I can’t really confirm if she is genuinely Natasha. It seems that Natasha is … Read more

Lollipop Escorts Review: A Wannabe Las Vegas Backpage Replacement?

Lollipop Escorts Review

My doubts about escorts sites usually involve two elements. The first is to check whether the site is at all real. The second is to see how much you have the chance to get laid even if you decide to pay the expensive money these sites ask for. Naturally, I’m always in favor of free … Read more

Erotic Monkey Review

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Erotic Monkey has some reputation among members of online escort directories. I’m not sure why since it’s one of the most restricted and pricier escort sites. I guess some people really don’t like trying their luck with free hookup apps and prefer paying to get laid. Why – it beats me! If you are looking … Read more

What Can You Expect on and Is This Site Any Different to Other Serious Hookup Sites? screencap

Once in a while, we review dating sites that seem to promise a bit more than a hookup. But, that can be an even greater argument to suspect their integrity as many use the Russian bride tricks to keep you hooked while providing nothing. If you are an avid follower, you know of similar sites … Read more

Red Alert: Pulls Another Credits Bundle+Fantasy Profiles Scam! screencap

There is no way around some fraudulent hookup sites if you are only a bit more careful. Paying some attention to how tricks its users will save you a lot of troubles down the way. On the other hand, if you just skip through the registration steps, it will be more difficult to notice … Read more Review is making a nice try to fool us into thinking that they are legit. Not sure how these fakers intend on putting an honest sounding name and persuading people that the hookup site is all good. The fraud becomes obvious even if you only read some of the documents. If you investigate the site … Read more

Watch These Babes on and Tell Us How Real They Seem to You?

Not all people are looking for casual dates. Many daters among those who search for the best sex go online and like to get into long-term relationships. It’s not unusual for Western or Eastern European size to target these users. You’ve probably seen many Russian or Ukrainian beautiful girls populating such sites, promising, if not … Read more

Anything New About Not at All – the Same Old Scam Works! screencap

This is a comeback review of to evaluate how things have changed since we last visited the site. Not many things have changed in the meantime, and other people have fallen for the scam, paying for the fake profiles Online Cupids and computer-generated messages. Why is a Tricky Hookup Site? is dedicated … Read more

What Can You Expect from and How Genuine It is? screencap seems pretty active and believable once you complete the initial tour of the front page. It doesn’t have fake testimonials or photoshopped pics (except for those at the top of presentation purposes) and it seems genuine. The photos from the newly registered members seem realistic. It just looks like you’ve found a casual sex … Read more

Checking Up the Truths and Lies of a UK Swinger’s Site: Scam Revealed screencap

One unusual member related to Venntro Media is Even if some of the sites from this network connect to this last domain, it seems that this particular domain is an affiliate. It’s not the classic hookup site. It includes various content that is designed for UK swingers. Most links connect to other hookup sites. … Read more