Unveiling Another BBW Dating Hookup Scam Called CuddlyFreeandSingle.co.uk

CuddlyFreeandSingle.co.uk screencap

BBW dating is a very popular category. Almost ten percent of all dating site members belong to this group. They either pick strictly boot sites for BBW singles or choose the same category on all-purpose dating websites. Therefore, it’s no wonder many fraudulent companies invade the niche like scavengers, trying to persuade users to buy … Read more

All Venntro Media Websites Are Scams? Check Out CougarLover.co.uk!

CougarLover.co.uk screencap

A number of dating sites for seniors created by Venntro Media Group are messing with our efforts to find a decent dating site for senior people, wherever they are, regardless of how old they are and no matter what their sexual preferences are. But typically niche hookup site companies apply the same method on a … Read more

Open Your Eyes Before Trying Out FannyBox.com or any other Venntro Media Hookup Site!!

fannybox.com screenshot

Venntro Media Group is forever looking for new customers who are willing to pay for their dishonest services. On FannyBox.com, they misuse the conventional methods of pulling the wool over customer’s eyes which are similar to their other partner websites from the shared database. They’ve slightly updated the design and the name of the domain. … Read more

OneNightStandSite.com Scam Review: Another Flaky Service by Venntro Media

OneNightStandSite.com screencap

Venntro Media Group finds new customers who are willing to pay for the fraudulent services. On OneNightStandSite.com, we see classical lying methods. They use them on all of their associated websites, but slightly change the design and the name of the domain. In essence, everything else is the same, just as we have found out … Read more

ShagBook.co.uk is No Fun Scam: It Operates with Paid Credits

ShagBook.com screencap

You know the popular word for sex action the Brits use? That’s right – it’s called shagging and it’s sort of the local counterpart of the American, well – you know what I mean (wink, wink). Somehow, when you use UK vocabulary, things get a new dimension and it is not so easy to recognize the … Read more

How to Become More Watchful on ShagHunt.co.uk & Avoid Unnecessary Purchases

ShagHunt.co.uk screencap

The most devious dating services are not detectable at the start. It needs some digging to discover that you’re dealing with an unwelcome fraud. For ShagHunt.co.uk, the investigation didn’t take long. It’s part of the systematic rip-off performed by Venntro Media Group, involving several similar sounding domains that are intended for British customers who like … Read more

NaughtyShag.com Review Exposes a Bunch of Suspicious Features

NaughtyShag.com screencap

For a while now, we haven’t reviewed a UK dating site or at least one that is dedicated to users out of the U.S. market. It’s not that the web users can divide by borders, but most dating companies target specific locations for better success of the users. Geotargetting plays a role, too. NaughtyShag.com is … Read more

BBPeopleMeet.com Works with Virtual Items and Test Profiles

BBPeopleMeet.com screencap

The workings of BBPeopleMeet.com are immediately obvious to those who read documents on the site. They state that they use test profiles and that they sell virtual items that are non-refundable. Not a good sign right from the start, but let’s see what else is there on this casual sex scam service. Authenticity It’s all good … Read more

ShagFun.co.uk Makes You Doubt All UK Adult Dating Sites

ShagFun.co.uk screencap

While we know many hookup sites offer a fresh approach to dating, this one has some new stuff that is different from the rest, but the essence of the fraud is the same. Although we can’t say that there are guaranteed fabricated profiles, ShagFun.co.uk makes it very difficult to find someone to get laid, if not … Read more

Long Way to Finding Dates on AsiaMe.com, But Watch Your “Credit Score”

AsiaMe.com screencap

Exotic dating websites can provide a really raw deal for users who like to meet nice looking girls and exotic beauties from far away. They look really attractive and they’re a nice catch for anyone who wants to expand the boundaries of their dating experience. When they come from countries with some exotic origin, the treats … Read more