Ulla.com Has a Dash of French Panache and a Lot of Fake Features

Love is a game, that’s what Ulla.com says so. Well, everything is obviously a game for them, proven by the way they treat their users! This French-related subsidiary of Together Networks is just as rotten as its all worldwide partners. Expect to be fooled at every corner and open up your eyes wide before you agree on anything. Let us see what are the biggest authenticity problems on Ulla.com.

Why is Ulla.com a Fraudulent Dating App

Ulla.com is more focused on mainstream dating although we really couldn’t find any specifications that this was the truth. The point is that they include a picture of a couple, giving an impression that the site promotes serious relationship. However, that may not be true as many hookup apps and NSA sites work with such pictures. Since the rest of the features are the same as most of the Together Networks websites, you should be aware of the same dangers. What are the most common risks of joining Ulla.com?

Activity Alerts as Interaction Boosters

If you consent to the activity alerts (not that you are left with any other choice once you join Ulla.com) you will start falling into a pretty deep hole. They can contain everything: from annoying popup notifications and promotional content to products from other providers that sell stupidity you don’t need. But the greatest nuisance is the existence of fake messages that create havoc with users. These messages look like the real thing. The problem is that they are made by computer software. The girls that send them are fake. Do you know what is their main purpose? It’s to sell you an upgrade. So, they are like sexy she-wolves in sheep clothes!

How Ulla.com Copies Websites to Sell You Copied Memberships

You know how Ulla.com works – it is a part of a big network of websites for varied niches that are in general the same, but different only in the design and in some particular features. What’s most important is that you get offers to become a member of the other sites for the same fee and for the same member directory! You are paying many times for the same offer!

Fake Trial Re: Cancelation Exposed!

To cancel a subscription you must do it at least 3 days in advance. However, this is not the truth. The minimum trial version lasts 3 days, so you can’t really purchase a trial. The only way to test Ulla.com is with a full month membership. The day the trial commences is the same day you need to cancel it. Therefore, it’s impossible to try the site just for a few days.

Price Tag

  • $4.47 payment for a 3-day trial
  • $34.99 payment for a 1-month membership
  • $59.96 payment for a 3-month membership
  • $95.94 payment for a 6-month membership

Busted or Trusted?

Don’t fall for the promises of vibrant French dating. We know that you want to get a taste of that special French sexiness so you are more likely to fall for the scam. This site is just the same as any other Together Networks product and it cannot be trusted!

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