is NOT a Real Site but a Hoodwink for Dozens of Deceptive Services screencaps

From time to time, deceptive online businesses don’t even create a new website to lure new users in. All they do is make one new front page and that link it to a number of their other previous creations to build an illusion of rich databases. uses this method to open a new lie … Read more

How and Its Deceptive Tricks Have Been Debunked by Online Reviews screencap

Even if you don’t know a word French, it’s not difficult to recognize what stands behind the name of this fake website. is about express pleasure. We all know what that means in the world of adult dating. But, whether express hookups are really available on this French-related website, that’s a totally different question. We … Read more

How to Become More Watchful on & Avoid Unnecessary Purchases screencap

The most devious dating services are not detectable at the start. It needs some digging to discover that you’re dealing with an unwelcome fraud. For, the investigation didn’t take long. It’s part of the systematic rip-off performed by Venntro Media Group, involving several similar sounding domains that are intended for British customers who like … Read more Review: No Change in the Deceitful Methods of the Hookup App review screencap

Previous reviews have shown that dating sites are different from dating apps. This is the reason we went on a tour to investigate the hookup app although we have reviewed the website itself in the past. Since hookup apps include additional costs for the app stores, it’s worth checking them out and seeing if … Read more

Scam Review: Trades You Off With A Network of Websites links to, which means it is under the umbrella of the Nautell websites. If you know a thing or two about Nautell, then you know what to expect. Knowing something about life will help you not believe sites that promise free subscriptions for good! With a catchy name like that, I bet many people … Read more

The Problems with You Haven’t Noticed Are Explained in This Review screencap

I wonder how the creators of this adult dating site came up with this name. It’s cute, flirty and sexy, but it doesn’t mean anything. I assume that by searching for a good domain they just couldn’t find anything appropriate with the “kiss me” phrase and decided to go for this other phrase which is … Read more

How Fools Users by Sharing Its Revenues with Impersonators screencap

One can think that only hookup sites perform scams. But that is simply not true. It’s logical – serious people join these more conventional dating sites and they might be considered easier targets. On the other hand, they are more vigilant because they risk more, especially if the wanted relationship includes getting in front of the … Read more

Things You Need to Know About to Help You Stay Afloat screencap

Have you heard about if you haven’t that’s really weird because it’s a very old adult dating website, famous to many and within a famous network of websites that are based on the same model but dedicated to different sexual communities. This one, in particular, is about meeting ladies from the Asian countries and … Read more is a Hookup Site With a Fit Name: It Cajoles Users With Enticing Lies screencap

Are you tempted by It looks enticing enough for anyone looking for some online dating fun. But is it “what you see is what you get” situation? Or, you are more likely to get duped in the same way you have been so many times before? Our explorative tour shows that it isn’t that much different … Read more