It is so easy to be tricked on the Internet. Among the convoluted Terms and Conditions with numerous legal regulations and the small print that no one ever reads, falling prey to scammers is a breeze. 

In parallel with the number of applications, compatibility across software platforms and devices, and fun new things to do online, the number of new dating sites keeps growing. Those on the market that are doing genuine business cannot keep their members because there are tricksters who offer products that are too good to be true, but are typically a great bait for new adult dating site users.

Adult Dating Patrol follows the traces of millions of dating scams present nowadays in the online world of adult dating services. We want to help you find genuine NSA dates and help you get laid without the pain of having your credit card hijacked and have you robbed of your money.

A new investigation is never too much. This is why the team of Adult Dating Patrol was formed to make sure that the content is real and that the players of the adult dating market are interested in playing a legitimate, genuine and effective game that can actually get you to a date.

Adult Dating Patrol checks several key profile features that need to be present on a good quality genuine dating site and even a greater number of fake features that will only end up in a rip-off. We don’t mind waving with the penalty card and give a red one to the scammers who use deceitful tricks for trusting users. We look into:


  • No free features in the basic registration.
  • Application of virtual profiles or love angels.
  • Lack of adequate security software.
  • Limited information about contacts and responsible persons.
  • Fake profile pictures
  • Confusing discounts.
  • Promotional inbox offers.
  • Increased amount of advertising present of the site.
  • Unlimited data and information sharing.
  • Payment via questionable partner services.
  • Extra amount of computer-generated content.


It is a fact that dating sites are an amazing way to meet more and more people in your life, meet new friends from far and away places, and if you get lucky – match with the right person. Experience tells us that there are many users who are real and who want to use adult dating services for hookup dates. When flirting online, it is critical that you don’t fall into the trap of endangered safety. However, under no circumstances should you feel scared and think that everyone out there is set to dupe you. Just make sure that you learn from our reviews and get to know the ways that you can keep yourself safe.

The point of Adult Dating Patrol is not to become your new mom and keep you safe by all means. A great online date can make for a lifetime experience, and it is shame to miss on the incredible opportunities only because you don’t have the guts to test the waters.

Stay on the safe side by reading our reviews, following this super-short instruction guide and opt in for professional adult dating services who are happy to create a community of like-minded, adventurous people who share the same excitement and ideas for sex dates.

  • Avoid the Prince (or the Princess) of Nigeria scam.

When someone you don’t know asks you to send money – just don’t do it! It is impossible that you haven’t heard of the Prince of Nigeria fraud, but in case you haven’t just type it in Google search to find out the classic scam prototype that still works. If a stranger asks for money, you should be extremely cautious.

Be particularly aware when listening to a sob story. These heartbreaking pros use the manipulation to rip you off. This is a professional strategy for luring compassionate people into the trap of offering help and giving money.

When in doubt, and if you think that you are out of your wits, ask a friend or a trusted person for an opinion. With a cold head, it is much easier to be objective. An accident may be just a scam, and a misfortunate story only a screen-worthy scenario.

  • Be extra careful around first-time meetups.

Meet at the public place – let a friend call you in the first thirty minutes of the date, so that you can slip off if you find out that the person you was impressed you online is actually no good for you.

Make sure that you don’t go ahead of yourself and jump straight to hooking up with someone you don’t know in secret locations. It is quite logical that you want to go straight for the sex (this is why you are on an adult dating site, after all), but don’t end up screwed the wrong way.

Basic precautions to take include having a trusted confidante with whom you will share the location details, the information about the person, as well as the details about the dating site that you used to actually meet the person. Even better, give the full name, a phone number and any other bits and pieces that you know about your online crush.

  • In the end – use your common sense.

Sometimes online adult dating looks like a no-brainer, but scam sites apply many tricks to keep you under the sleeve. Our reviews will be of great help and will teach you a lesson or two if you become a regular follower.