Browser Star Classifieds Review

Browser Star classifieds screenshot

It wasn’t enough to make Backpage and Bedpage reviews to stop all scams with personals. It looks like I have plenty more work to do in my adult dating site inspection. Sneaky fake profiles slip through the cracks of classifieds sites. You really can’t tell the difference between profiles when they are all listed on … Read more Review review screenshot

I continue with my quest to expose scams and fake profiles of escort and adult dating sites. I really try hard to provide you the best tips for an awesome online hookup experience. The trouble is there is so much fake content that I have a hard time keeping up with the fraudsters. Anyway, I … Read more

Protect Yourself from a Famous Scam Called screencap

When we investigate adult hookups sites and apps, we meet often with the same type of scams that are used by one company that replicates a website across a network of various domains. They redesign the front page, change a few bits about the concept, and the new lying service is complete. Honestly, it wouldn’t … Read more

We’ve Gathered Proof of the Scamming Methods Used by screencap

Dating sites with no-strings-attached possibilities are emerging like mushrooms after the rain. They all use typical scamming methods, by luring new users in with fake profiles, expensive memberships and by sending fake electronic messages. If you are a completely new user, you have no chance of recognizing that you’re being duped. The newest addition to … Read more is NOT a Real Site but a Hoodwink for Dozens of Deceptive Services screencaps

From time to time, deceptive online businesses don’t even create a new website to lure new users in. All they do is make one new front page and that link it to a number of their other previous creations to build an illusion of rich databases. uses this method to open a new lie … Read more

Red Alert: Pulls Another Credits Bundle+Fantasy Profiles Scam! screencap

There is no way around some fraudulent hookup sites if you are only a bit more careful. Paying some attention to how tricks its users will save you a lot of troubles down the way. On the other hand, if you just skip through the registration steps, it will be more difficult to notice … Read more is Sensual Only in the Realm of Fantasy: Fake Profiles Discovered screencap

Sites that sell credits don’t bring too much value and trust to online dating. When they also use fantasy profiles, such as, we guarantee that you are in for a scam. These fictitious profiles are made for entertainment purposes and will not give you some thrilling experiences to look forward to. Unfortunately, this is … Read more is a Scam screencap is associated with Dating Frame, the company that has several fake websites under the XDating hood. They typically start with three or four opening questions asking your opinions or attitudes about online casual dating. Questions are about your discreet behavior, your sexual habits for using protection, your age and your way of conducting with other … Read more is Bamboozling You With Fake Profiles “Online Cupids” screencap

A lot of time is saved when it is obvious right from the start that we are dealing with false businesses. With the announcement with the “Online Cupids” took care of most of the doubts. This service is including the news about the virtual profiles on the subscription page, as many others do, to cut through … Read more Gives You a Bait to Sell You Non-Existent Features screeancap, the recent addition to the scams that duplicate or link to the same site as the copies is on today’s agenda. Unfortunately, the hookup app may look good and exciting, but it is not delivering up to its promise. So, if you think that will bring you incredible local sexting, let us break … Read more