WetHunt.com Will Have Your Drown in Debt If You Fall for Their Fake Chat Messages

WetHunt.com screencap

To engage a girl in a chat, real-life or online, you’ll have much greater success if you know how to pull off an icebreaker. Icebreaker can be anything that breaks the ice or the nervous silence when two people meet for the first time. If you belong to those that have mastered this craft, perhaps … Read more

Full-Blown Scam Exposed: BBWtoDate.com is a Fake Dating Website!

BBWtoDate.com screencap

Dating bigger girls is not so popular when you are in a nightclub. Therefore, many users like hopping online to solve the matter directly, without beating around the bush and explaining themselves to their friends. Did you know that many men prefer dating bigger ladies but can’t really admit that they do since that’s not the … Read more

Mytilene.fr is French Dating Website Only if You Don’t Recognize the Scam

Mytilene.fr screencap

Mytilene.fr is a specific dating website because it’s focused only on women. Surprising, right?! We don’t find that often. Usually, most dating sites target man, but that doesn’t mean that there are no exceptions. Mytilene.fr is one of those exceptions. It’s actually a French site but you can easily use it if you apply the … Read more

One of the Worst Frauds Out There is on Today’s Agenda: BeNaughty.com Exposed!

BeNaughty.com screencap

BeNaughty.com is one of the more popular casual dating sites by Together Networks LTD. That doesn’t mean that the content is so good making the site popular. it also doesn’t mean that you are going to get laid plenty of times to justify the popularity. The reason that it is so well-known in the online … Read more

SwipeChicks.com Uses Multiple Fraudulent Features to Wipe Off Your Credit Card

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SwipeChicks.com brings us the perpetual trickery by Nautell. They do this only to tell us that we don’t have any real chance to get laid on this website. Most of the cute and sexy pictures you notice are stock photos. They don’t have anything to do with real persons, just as any other adult dating site … Read more

NaughtyThai.com is Nothing Like Thai Cocktails: Scam Revealed

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Most Thai things are very nice – cocktails, beaches and food. People have very high expectations about Thai experiences. They fall for the fun adventures, the warm climate, the hot dates and the great holidays. Is everything Thai-related really so fun and fabulous? Having in mind our experiences with NaughtyThai.com we shouldn’t share that opinion. … Read more

3 Reasons Why You Should’t Hope for Any Real Date Success on FreeHornyHookup.com

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By now, you all probably now the story of the Nautell network and the way it manages its phony websites. Well, welcome to the next sequel called FreeHornyHookup.com. Novelties are rare, the crooked tricks are ancient. If you are a first-time user, the narrative from someone who has plenty of experience will definitely be helpful. … Read more

GranniestoMeet.com Online Dating Scam: Where Are the Real Women?!

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Timespace Holdings Ltd doesn’t waste too much time to replicate their wrongdoing on several websites, especially if they are intended to work with mature ladies. In the case of GranniestoMeet.com, you will have to deal with the special category of mature women – grannies. This niche is very attractive for some users, and no wonder … Read more

Loveaholics.com Review: No Change in the Deceitful Methods of the Hookup App

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Previous reviews have shown that dating sites are different from dating apps. This is the reason we went on a tour to investigate the hookup app Loveaholics.com although we have reviewed the website itself in the past. Since hookup apps include additional costs for the app stores, it’s worth checking them out and seeing if … Read more

The Problems with Kismia.com You Haven’t Noticed Are Explained in This Review

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I wonder how the creators of this adult dating site came up with this name. It’s cute, flirty and sexy, but it doesn’t mean anything. I assume that by searching for a good domain they just couldn’t find anything appropriate with the “kiss me” phrase and decided to go for this other phrase which is … Read more