Target Escorts Review: Luxury Call Girls in the Alps

Target Escorts Review screenshot

Most of the escort agencies I have reviewed in Europe are new. Target Escorts is well over two decades old. This gives it an aura of unmatched experience. Of course, this is only true if you follow the information on websites and hold it as absolute truth. From my experience, this is hardly ever the … Read more

Hardy’s Angels Review

Hardy’s Angels Review

There isn’t much to tell about Bournemouth, apart for being a seaside resort the sound of the United Kingdom we should say most for its bars, sunny beaches, and exciting nightlife. We’ve already talked about the appealing escort life in the United Kingdom and its liberal dating policies. London has been a part of this … Read more

Bonjour Escort Review

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This small agency is about premium escort services in Paris. Paris has that all-time romantic vibe and escort agencies use it to advertise total girlfriend experiences. Having in mind that the site is underdeveloped, there is not much content and that the number of girls is really limited, I doubt that you will have a … Read more

Lollipop Escorts Review: A Wannabe Las Vegas Backpage Replacement?

Lollipop Escorts Review

My doubts about escorts sites usually involve two elements. The first is to check whether the site is at all real. The second is to see how much you have the chance to get laid even if you decide to pay the expensive money these sites ask for. Naturally, I’m always in favor of free … Read more

Sexy Asian Escorts Review

Sexy Asian Escorts review

If you’re looking for Asian escorts the middle of London then read this Sexy Asian escorts review. Many of the escort agencies I explore don’t offer specialist services. However, in the heart of London, there so many escort agencies that I am not surprised the some of them are service-specific. Because you can be an … Read more

Catwalk Model Escorts Review

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if you belong or if you think that you belong to the successful elite then this review is for you. Many businessmen often get associated with models. This site is no different. It actually carries the tag “For the successful elite.” That’s how we hear stories of scams and frauds in the newspapers. Business people … Read more

Skyline Escort Review: An Official German Agency Report

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If you ever find your way to Frankfurt, Germany, it looks like this is the place to get escort services. Skyline Escort agency prides itself in the VIP escort services it provides. Can you imagine that? Namely, the girls don’t only have fabulous look, but also great personalities! Probably someone asked for that, people like … Read more

Greater Toronto Escorts Review

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Canada is one of the countries that take it easy when it comes to escorts. Their regulations are not that strict. But keep in mind that doesn’t mean you won’t have any problems with the law! Escort services are a tricky business. Regardless of how liberal a country is, you can always mess up and … Read more

Lilyfields Review

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We all know that London is heaven to find sex in all possible forms. But if you are looking for free dates, this can be a challenge. Due to the liberal laws for independent escorts, many girls use the opportunity to make money from casual sex services. Escort agencies such as Lilyfields organize dates and … Read more

Society Service Review

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Today’s feedback from the blog post includes a Dutch escort agency. This is an exclusive escort service provider, much like the typical prominent London escort agencies you’ve seen before on this website. If you’ve read one of those reviews, you know that this Society Service review will expose the services and the possibilities to get … Read more