All Venntro Media Websites Are Scams? Check Out! screencap

A number of dating sites for seniors created by Venntro Media Group are messing with our efforts to find a decent dating site for senior people, wherever they are, regardless of how old they are and no matter what their sexual preferences are. But typically niche hookup site companies apply the same method on a … Read more The Perfect Scam for People Over 45 – Watch Out! screencap

It’s very simple to make a site that’s dedicated to a specific target audience and then just find a way to rip off its users. is a senior dating scam, looking to attract mature women and men. People are even more attracted to sites such as this one as they think they’ll have greater chances … Read more

Revealing Underhand Tricks by Fake Chat and Programmed Messages screencap

Many times companies advertise dating opportunities on their website like amazingly successful. They say that they will do wonders for your love life and, more importantly, for your sex life. On for instance, there are dozens of exciting testimonials stating that you’re dating life will have a magnificent overhaul and that you will stop … Read more Scam Review: Why We Don’t Trust Sites that Use Credits screencap

There is nothing like wealthy men to get some money out of them and make a successful online dating scam. This is why we have our suspicions of sites named like these, or Very often, they use this demographic because they have a lot of money and are not so reluctant on spending … Read more

Is There Any Chance to Find a Casual Cougar Date on See for Yourself! screencap is a senior dating scam that is dedicated to the French audience. People who don’t speak French have more chances to get fooled because they won’t understand a bit if they get a membership. But thanks to Google Translate, nowadays we can translate almost anything. That doesn’t mean that the translation is perfect though … Read more Dating Site Review: The Good and the Bad of Getting a Membership screencap

It doesn’t mean that if you’re a senior you can’t have an exciting sex life. In fact, people claim that as they get older their sex life improves. Only young people are so arrogant to think that they know all about sex and that when you get very old everything dries up. However, that’s not … Read more Seems Like a Senior Dating Scam for Trustful People Over 50 screencap looks very suspicious because it uses some of the most common strategies for fooling customers into thinking they’re dealing with a legit site.  However, here in the team of Adult Dating Patrol, we have definite concerns that this site is not genuine. is just a typical dating scam. You won’t find anything better … Read more

What’s Behind Will Surprise and Shock You screencap

What takes for Festivus Media to stop its scamming shenanigans? Who knows, because obviously poor peer reviews from multiple resources don’t seem to do the trick! In fact, is just a new name for a very old scam about senior dating, milfs and cupids. Watch out – you are about to be ripped off … Read more

A Rip-off Story You’ll Never Believe: Hookup Site Scam Exposed screencap is the place for meeting older people, mainly mature women. However, this scam review will reveal that all that sex dating and sex flirting will remain in the realm of the fantasy unless you have money to throw on low-quality and unsuccessful adult dating services. Not much success is available on this service with … Read more

5 No-Fuss Ways to Figure Out’s Rip-off

Another trick to pull the wool over people’s eyes is making special dating sites aimed at a certain category of customers who may need to have a specific place to find appropriate dates. Here at the bait is thrown for people over 50 who have the best years to enjoy in life’s free dating … Read more