How to Become More Watchful on & Avoid Unnecessary Purchases

The most devious dating services are not detectable at the start. It needs some digging to discover that you’re dealing with an unwelcome fraud. For, the investigation didn’t take long. It’s part of the systematic rip-off performed by Venntro Media Group, involving several similar sounding domains that are intended for British customers who like to hunt for casual sex dates.

Why is a Deceitful Dating Website

Venntro media Group is one of those companies that use a number of varied domains that are under the network’s umbrella. The also use the same rules for registration and memberships. Let’s find out more about the details of this domain

You Allow Random Classification According to’s  Criteria

When you join this site (or any other from the network managed by the company) you agree that your profile will be classified according to certain rules. The rules are designed by the network with the intention to get you in touch with other adequate members. However, you need to be aware that you are making yourself available for public searches on any of these other sites. You have no control over where your data turns up.

Giving up the Right to own and Manage the Uploaded Content

This rule is a natural consequence of the previous. In order for to be able to manage your data, you are giving an absolute license for distribution of your profile details. if you read the paragraph below, you will notice that this goes way over the needed functions for duplicating your profile. In fact, you become an advertising guinea pig.

Purchasing Gifts, Credits, and Bolt-ons

Free services are very limited, or better to say, downright impossible to make some use of them. Free members “can only look, but must not touch”. To translate the phrase, you need to buy some of these extra services to be able to open inbox messages or send some of your own. Be careful with virtual gifts, because they can be a waste of money when they are not used appropriately.

Tricky Discounts and Promotions

Another trick you should keep an eye on is the limited promo system. This can affect the rates you are paying on Unless you remain watchful as this title says, you can pay more once the discount has ended. Keep an eye on your card statements to avoid unexpected charges.

Price Tag

  • 10 credits to send 10 messages for £15
  • 25 credits to send 25 messages for £35
  • 50 credits to send 50 messages for £65
  • 100 credits to send 100 messages for £120
  • 200 credits to send 200 messages for £200

Busted or Trusted? is as dangerous as any hunting ground. There are bears and wolves (difficult and fraudulent people), but most of all, there are invisible traps that may cost you more. If you follow the dating safety tips, you’ll manage around the wild predators. We are not sure, though, what’s the best way for dealing with expensive purchases!

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