The Most Succinct Listicle About to Let You Learn the Crooks’ Tricks

For some companies, there is no stopping to how far they can go. is another copy of the cute girls’ screen as seen on other websites. We can hardly tell how it is possible to use the same type of screen for dozens of sites, changing only the name and hoping that no one will be so careful to notice the scam. It doesn’t work for us and it won’t work for you either when you finish reading this review.

Why is Yet Another Nautell Scam

The four critical elements of the scam we will explain below include the following:

  • Copying your profile to the Nautell website network
  • Additional subscription fees
  • False electronic messaging
  • So-called credit card preauthorization aka payment

One by one, here is a clear explanation for all of them: Uses Your Personal Details to Populate the Members’ Area

Even if you haven’t subscribed to a site, this will be a trick the company uses to copy all that you have provided to build your profile on the site as a commodity to make the site more attractive. Don’t be too surprised if your friend tells you that you are circulating on another service or search engine.

Basic Subscription and Extra Fees

On top of the basic subscription, you get to pay additional fees. First, have you noticed that the box below the payment screen has prechecked subscriptions to other sites? Then, you need to pay everything that can be put into the basket of administrative fees. Have a look below at what else is included:

Love Stars That Send Fake Messages

A computer software generates fake women, whom in turn, generate fake messages. This produces a scamming string that never ends. Or, let’s put it this way – it will end when you buy a subscription or provide your credit card to have it charged anyway. Moe about this last bit is explained in the next section.

Your Card Gets “Preauthorized” (Read: Charged Anyway)

This happens anyway if you give the card details to the site. Watch out how the scam develops because you will uncover the logic behind it very quickly: you get lured in with ads and fake profiles, you start communicating and understand that you must get a subscription to reply, the prompt screen turns up and you are already into the mix. At this point, you probably won’t even notice that other boxes have been checked and that you are double-scammed.

Price Tag

  • $5.70 for a 3-day trial
  • $43.99 for a 1-month membership
  • $98.97 for a 3-month membership
  • $131.94 for a 6-month membership

Busted or Trusted?

We wouldn’t give the gift of the benefit of the doubt to None of the Nautell websites deserves the credit. They are so obvious and so repetitive. All it takes is to find out about one or two and discover the whole range of tricks pulled for the customer base of and the wider website network.

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