WildSpank.com Scam Review: Bogus Messages Sent by Software and Auto-Renewals

WildSpank.com screencap

With a name like that WildSpank.com has some really great chances to become one of the favorites of many people who look for some casual sex online. However, even the awesome design is not going to help when you complete the inspection of the site and see that it’s all about fake features. What exactly … Read more

How is YoLovers.com Still Pulling Off the Same Scam from Ages Ago

YoLovers.com screencap

The repeated investigation of YoLovers.com shows there is no improvement or changes in the way this hookup site does business. Obviously Bulova (the company behind this network doesn’t plan on stopping the fraudulent way of creating commercial dating platforms. From about half a year ago, things stay the same. Who knows if raising a concern with the … Read more

Everything That is Wrong With XMilfs.com & Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Chances

XMilfs.com screencap

Investigating XMilfs.com didn’t take much time. Once we encounter the fantasy cuties, we know what’s the business. This is one well-known and well-established online dating scam, typically involving the “X” prefix and the computer-created profiles with multiple payment methods. Let’s see what is new and what is old in their tricks. Authenticity Have a look at this … Read more

No Chance of Getting a GF on ForeignGirlfriend.com Unless You Pay Your Dues

foreigngirlfriend.com screencap

ForeignGirlfriend.com is one of those dating sites with wonderful promises of hooking up with girls from other countries that end up in terrible consequences for your budget. The dating community on ForeignGirlfriend.com is namely made of Eastern European girls who are looking for Western gentlemen to find happiness in casual hookups and relationship success. However, when the bountiful … Read more

IAmNaughty.com Review Reveals Date Boosters and Activity Alerts from the Arsenal of Bulova Network

IAmNaughty.com screencap

IAmNaughty.com works with all possible scam weapons usually applied by Bulova network. If you know the things about the commercial extortion tools of this network, this will not be a big surprise. If you are new to the network, you will be shocked at how such a good-looking dating site can implement so fraudulent scamming … Read more

Don’t Get Too Hot with SpicyDesires.com Unless You Want to Get Burned

SpicyDesires.com screencap

SpicyDesires.com is the most recent dating site we are sharing with you for review from the deceptive machinery by Together Networks. The site may be new, but its classic scam is well-known to our team. SpicyDesires.com uses not just a few but a dozen of methods to get money from its new users. If you don’t … Read more

Quick Revelations About SexinTouch.com & Its Multiple Ways of Charging You

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Once you find it, SexinTouch.com seems like a very busy site. The members’ database page has so much activity, that you may think that you’ve joined a real sensual dating heaven. It’s buzzing with profiles of cute women which seem like they have nothing better to do but eagerly wait for sex dates from new … Read more

Why Will NaughtyFlirt.com Get You in a Bunch of Troubles with Its Fake Date Boosters

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NaughtyFlirt.com com is an adult dating site for casual daters looking for an NSA relationships and off-the-hook flirts. Will they find anything like it here? From the review we have performed on NaughtyFlirt.com the chances of getting laid are slim. This hookup site uses marketing tricks called Date Boosters for scam purposes and will trick … Read more

FattyChaser.com Fools People By Using Suspicious Promotional Offers

FattyChaser.com screencap

if you are tempted by big, beautiful, voluptuous girls, you will be happy to have come upon FattyChaser.com. However, this hookup app is not what it presents to be. We have discovered a number of ways in which it tricks its customers into buying more than they need, and we will elaborate them here in the following … Read more

NaughtyAvenue.com Will Take You to Strange Rip-Off Roads, Not on the Way to Getting Laid

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NaughtyAvenue.com is a creation of Norfex, which haven’t shown up a lot of credibility in the adult dating website world. We have seen this scam so many times before, that we are for sure not expecting anything better this time. This hookup site has so many ways of ripping you off, that there is hardly … Read more