The Problems with You Haven’t Noticed Are Explained in This Review

I wonder how the creators of this adult dating site came up with this name. It’s cute, flirty and sexy, but it doesn’t mean anything. I assume that by searching for a good domain they just couldn’t find anything appropriate with the “kiss me” phrase and decided to go for this other phrase which is very similar. It must have been the first option with the domain provided as a second option. So, let’s find out what this site is all about. Does it deliver what it promises? It seems like it’s dedicated to an extensive audience and that it welcomes senior people. Even if it has nice features there are plenty of problems that just don’t make it genuine. Below you will see what are those problems.

Why is a Problematic Dating Site

The list of problems with involves the usual series of dirty tricks to keep users engaged and eager to buy expensive memberships and willing to be fooled by sexy women which are not even real.

Third-party Links to Additional Services

Many deceitful strategies are disguised in fog. They make them available from other providers that are not on the main website. In this way, the main provider is resolved from any responsibility for fraudulent activities. You are left on your own devices to search what’s the truth. Read other providers’ provisions of the ‘Terms and Conditions’.

Bogus Women Run by Staff Profiles

Look at this amazing tricks on! They actually call their fake women “Staff Profiles’ but they’re under the section for Customer Service. Users get easily tricked with this provision because they don’t really notice the difference between a customer representative and a bogus profile. Your inbox will start filling in with messages which will start linking to the customer advertisements and then turn into bogus profiles.

The 3-day Cancelation is a Disguise for Definitive Charges

The three-day cancellation is one of the nastiest tricks on casual hookup sites. Many provide discounts and trial versions which last a couple of days or maximum three days. If you want to cancel this membership you may assume that you’ve done it for good. However, that’s not the truth with The renewal is automatic. On the other hand, if you want to cancel, in fact, you can’t – you can never buy the trial version because you must cancel the membership 3 days ahead to be valid.

Phone Costs for Communications

You should give your phone number to if you want to engage in the communication service with the fake women. You’re at risk for paying additional costs for all electronic communication that the sites sends you either by landline or by mobile phone. So, be careful about the charges and avoid any cost if you can by not sending the mobile phone.

Needless Premium and VIP memberships

You probably know that most providers work with basic packages and exclusive packages. This is a strategy of psychology for the users to be more willing to get the membership. If there are more options available, they won’t just skip through the offer. When there are two or three, users like having a choice and to think that they’re getting more for their money.

Price Tag

  • $2.97 for a 3-day temporary subscription
  • $51.17 for a 6-month subscription
  • $43.59 for a 3-month subscription
  • $25.96 for a 1-month subscription

Busted or Trusted?

I know it seems that really works for some people. I wonder if all of them investigated the bogus staff profiles that are connected with this dating website. If you have the time, do it! They’ve been partially honest in their ‘Terms and Conditions’ doc trying to cover up the truth with half-truths. In the end, you’ll definitely find out the truth about what’s the deal here.

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