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Since I started reviewing escort services, I haven’t seen a site that resembles a classical adult dating scam. Most escort sites apply sophisticated scamming methods that are on the brink of dubious activities. Some people will probably list them as legit businesses, especially in locations where paying for sex is not illegal. You’d think – … Read more Review Review screenshot

With such a kinky name, you can have a lot of expectations about this website. Who knows, they can be true, but you never know what’s going to happen when you’re dealing with escorts. They can turn out to be not what you expect, have misleading photos, and charge you more than what you see … Read more

Unveiling Another BBW Dating Hookup Scam Called screencap

BBW dating is a very popular category. Almost ten percent of all dating site members belong to this group. They either pick strictly boot sites for BBW singles or choose the same category on all-purpose dating websites. Therefore, it’s no wonder many fraudulent companies invade the niche like scavengers, trying to persuade users to buy … Read more is a Rip-off Marketing Platform, Not a Dating Site! screencap

The whole concept of is wrapped around crafting clever and imaginative marketing methods for attracting new customers. Naturally, to attract customers that are interested in dating you must create an impression that the site already has a lot of many attractive women. These women seem to be eagerly waiting to find dates and never … Read more

We’ve Uncovered the Crooked Ways of with Fake Images screencap

Dating Factory is fabricating some nasty scams, never admitting that it applies dishonest practices to its hookup websites. You have to know to read between the lines to be able to disguise them for what they are. They do give subtle hints, though, even if you read only the Terms and Conditions, but if you … Read more

How Scams New Members: We Unveil a Typical Fraud with Fantasy Profiles screencap

Some frauds seem to never cease attracting new members with small adjustments to their existing patterns. In the scenario with, we have seen it all before. If you are a true follower of Adult Dating Patrol, you have probably seen it all before, too. In contrast, people new to this site will need to … Read more

Charging 3 Times for the Same Service: and Its Dodgy Ambush Exposed screencap is a French name for the same type of sites that we’ve been investigating for a while now. Only the name is original, the rest is a scam that shouldn’t be trusted. By the way, the meaning of the name in French is Instant Hookups. But if you think that’s what expects you here, … Read more

We’ve Gathered Proof of the Scamming Methods Used by screencap

Dating sites with no-strings-attached possibilities are emerging like mushrooms after the rain. They all use typical scamming methods, by luring new users in with fake profiles, expensive memberships and by sending fake electronic messages. If you are a completely new user, you have no chance of recognizing that you’re being duped. The newest addition to … Read more

How is Double-Crossing Its Customers: Scam Revealed! screencap takes you on a ride like you’ve never had, but not in a good way. This site has a lot of profiles that don’t look like real users. You may be even able to notice that on the front page with the Tinder-like feature, but you will confirm your doubts when you read more … Read more