How We Found Out that is a Deceitful Dating Website screencap is a site for dating mature ladies. You get the picture from the photo of that cool lady that’s on the front page. False dating websites really know how to pull this off with sites for matures. In fact, older members are an easier audience since they don’t spend as much time in nightclubs … Read more Frustrates Users with Constant Alert Popups: Scam Revealed screencap

Meeting cougars online for casual sex is one of the favorite fantasy of all subscribers to adult dating sites. This niche is so popular that hundreds, maybe even thousands of websites, try to handle the trick and produce a number of websites with milfs and cougars. This is the case again with However, it’s … Read more Online Dating Scam: Where Are the Real Women?! screencap

Timespace Holdings Ltd doesn’t waste too much time to replicate their wrongdoing on several websites, especially if they are intended to work with mature ladies. In the case of, you will have to deal with the special category of mature women – grannies. This niche is very attractive for some users, and no wonder … Read more Review: No Change in the Deceitful Methods of the Hookup App review screencap

Previous reviews have shown that dating sites are different from dating apps. This is the reason we went on a tour to investigate the hookup app although we have reviewed the website itself in the past. Since hookup apps include additional costs for the app stores, it’s worth checking them out and seeing if … Read more

How is Still Pulling Off the Same Scam from Ages Ago screencap

The repeated investigation of shows there is no improvement or changes in the way this hookup site does business. Obviously Bulova (the company behind this network doesn’t plan on stopping the fraudulent way of creating commercial dating platforms. From about half a year ago, things stay the same. Who knows if raising a concern with the … Read more

Don’t Get Too Hot with Unless You Want to Get Burned screencap is the most recent dating site we are sharing with you for review from the deceptive machinery by Together Networks. The site may be new, but its classic scam is well-known to our team. uses not just a few but a dozen of methods to get money from its new users. If you don’t … Read more

Why Will Get You in a Bunch of Troubles with Its Fake Date Boosters screencap com is an adult dating site for casual daters looking for an NSA relationships and off-the-hook flirts. Will they find anything like it here? From the review we have performed on the chances of getting laid are slim. This hookup site uses marketing tricks called Date Boosters for scam purposes and will trick … Read more Sells Video On-Demand and Cam Services: Scam Review screencap is a cute-looking hookup site, that’s for sure. That doesn’t exclude the fraud behind the site’s nice looking design and sexy pictures of girls, as well as the nicely organized features. Don’t fall for the great organization, though. Because it is used solely to attract and get new customers who don’t know much about … Read more is the Newest Fraudulent Creating by Together Networks screencap looks like it has come straight from a French affair. but that is not the truth about this adult dating site. Disregard the sexy blonde with the barret thinking that you will have wild sex when you meet the right single. You’d better concentrate on the things about that are not true and … Read more Sets You up for Dating Failure by Using Fake Interaction Boosters screencap

Have you seen the workings on Nelfor? Or the similar partner companies that use the same tactics? Well, here they are again on, but under the guise of some of the other companies. At least they do recognize that they are working on a network of websites and that you may crop up on some … Read more