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Even if you don’t know a word French, it’s not difficult to recognize what stands behind the name of this fake website. is about express pleasure. We all know what that means in the world of adult dating. But, whether express hookups are really available on this French-related website, that’s a totally different question. We … Read more

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How easy is it today to find a date online? If you have experience only with Tinder, you may not have a good idea what other websites and apps offer. And the online dating world is not so straightforward, let me tell you. On the contrary, it’s full of scammers! In this review, you will … Read more

Full-Blown Scam Exposed: is a Fake Dating Website! screencap

Dating bigger girls is not so popular when you are in a nightclub. Therefore, many users like hopping online to solve the matter directly, without beating around the bush and explaining themselves to their friends. Did you know that many men prefer dating bigger ladies but can’t really admit that they do since that’s not the … Read more Scam Exposed: Too Hot or Not? screencap looks cool and attractive. Especially that nice-looking girl on the front screen with her tight body and her bare belly; she seems so inviting, hot and spicy like the spiciest food in the world (you know what kind of food I have in mind). However, dig a bit deeper behind the truth on, … Read more is Just a Platform for Selling a Bunch of Useless Services to People Who Like Getting Laid scareencap

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Do you have a lot of money to spend on a girl who needs care? Are you a sugar daddy as much as you hate the cheesy name? If $1,000 a year is just pebbles for you, then you might have just joined the right dating platform. Here on you can try out your … Read more Review Reveals Date Boosters and Activity Alerts from the Arsenal of Bulova Network screencap works with all possible scam weapons usually applied by Bulova network. If you know the things about the commercial extortion tools of this network, this will not be a big surprise. If you are new to the network, you will be shocked at how such a good-looking dating site can implement so fraudulent scamming … Read more