Online Dating Scam: Where Are the Real Women?!

Timespace Holdings Ltd doesn’t waste too much time to replicate their wrongdoing on several websites, especially if they are intended to work with mature ladies. In the case of, you will have to deal with the special category of mature women – grannies. This niche is very attractive for some users, and no wonder the company is using it to pull some of its nasty tricks for fooling customers. If you stay a while, you’ll drift into a very expensive land of no return, since no refunds are possible on

Why is a Fraudulent Hookup Site

When you can’t offer a good quality service for free, what do you do? You think of ways of how to sell ridiculous packages and wrap them in fancy names. These attractive offers look better and more compelling than when you have to buy a classic subscription. For classic subscription, you will compare the features with those on other sites and draw conclusions on basis of that comparison. But when there is more than one category to compare, such as it is the case on, you need to invest some more effort in order to make the right evaluation. What exactly are we evaluating on

Date Boosters for Ambitious Subscribers

Let’s just say that this one is like a premium service where you namely get more for your money. These are the subscribers that get pampered and treated with special care so that they get an advantage before the others. The benefits include premium search results, as well as other perks where your profile is “boosted” and you get more chances to meet someone. It’s like you are into an exclusive club and get access to only the best. But, how true is this service? Zero true! If you read a bit further down the documents of the site, you’ll notice that doesn’t guarantee any special treats or 100& assurance of dates for anyone.

SMS Messages for Aussie Customers

There are two types of commercial SMS services on The nerve these fraudulent companies have – they not only include one, but also charge you for two like services. One service is the general SMS package that is out of the normal texting. For this, users need to pay extra. The second is for the subscribers from Australia. There is no real point for having two separate services; the idea is only to get your money out of your pocket sooner and in a simple way.

Fake Messages Called Activity Alerts

These Activity Alerts are make-believe messages that you start receiving when you create a profile and look into the dating options. uses computer programs to generate series of profiles and messages so that they get you “active”. In essence, they just use them to create an illusion of great interest in you. Consequently, you’ll start thinking you’re the hot commodity and get excited without any serious backup. It’s a big question whether you’ve read all those provisions about the fake profiles! You are probably not aware that you are chatting with bots!

Promoted Messages and Custom Messages

The two types of special chat messages on are another cajole instrument. Some users don’t know where to start when they register. Others are not very communicative or eloquent. The site will “help” you initiate conversations with the custom messages and help you get ahead with the promoted messages. There comes a point, though, when you’ll have to buy a subscription in order to be able to use them in future. In the case of the promoted messages, the site will automatically renew them and make you pay for that!

Price Tag

  • 3-day trial is $4.07
  • 1-month subscription is $34.99
  • 3-month subscription is $59.99
  • 6-month subscription is $95.94

Busted or Trusted?

All websites by Timespace Holding Ltd we have so far reviewed have proven to be huge scams wit commercial outlooks. Even if you are specialized in a tight dating niche, such as the one with mature ladies on, you’d be one hundred times better off on a more general website which offers genuine services. There is someone for everyone on real dating sites; there is no reason for wasting time on crooks and fraudsters.

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