Reviews: Can You Cheat Without Getting Caught? review home page

This site for hookup site reviews has two mottos: “Learn how to get an affair without getting caught” and “Never ever trust those fake cheating sites”. Let’s see if the niche for affair sites is good enough to get you laid without suffering the consequences. Is this the place to find those resources? The site … Read more

Escort Book Review: Sites For Call Girls

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Today’s task is reviewing a new escort site called I must say it’s better to call it a content management system or a marketing platform. This service is based on providing web space for escorts which they can use to upload and advertise their services. In essence is not that much different from other … Read more

Sugar Nights Review: Not As Sweet As You Think…

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Yet again I need to open my eyes wide when I scroll on web dating services. These fraudsters really use unique names and descriptions to fool members into getting a service. Now we no longer speak of subscriptions, because escort sites are a combo of multiple scams that could go wrong. Sugar Nights, for instance, … Read more

Eros Review

Eros review

Eros is a well-known escort site operating mostly on US locations and that makes it even riskier. For one thing, it’s a charade that plays games with its users by distributing various content that just creates confusion. There are plenty of different links on that website and you can never tell whether you’ll step on … Read more Review: Australian Call Girl Directory screenshot

In some countries, prostitution is legal, so you won’t have any problems with getting access or using these sites. But would you want to pay for sex when you can have superb hookup experiences for free? And  – do you want to travel to Australia? I am asking this because today’s review is about, … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Look for Casual Sex Encounters on the Lucky App

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Everyone likes getting lucky, especially in the sex department. At least, we are sure that our followers like that as they don’t shy away from expressing that on our social media. Naturally, users would have great expectations for an application called Lucky App, which aims at setting up people who live nearby. They promise to … Read more

Protect Yourself from a Famous Scam Called screencap

When we investigate adult hookups sites and apps, we meet often with the same type of scams that are used by one company that replicates a website across a network of various domains. They redesign the front page, change a few bits about the concept, and the new lying service is complete. Honestly, it wouldn’t … Read more

Only a Few Real Profiles in the Ocean of Fake Photos on screencap

Though we cannot claim with 100 percent surety that is a peachy dating site, we have a strong hunch that we are dealing with a dishonest dating site. Usually, sites that ask for premium subscriptions without offering anything in return apply fraudulent practices. This is our main argument to revoke our trust in this … Read more

What Can You Expect on and Is This Site Any Different to Other Serious Hookup Sites? screencap

Once in a while, we review dating sites that seem to promise a bit more than a hookup. But, that can be an even greater argument to suspect their integrity as many use the Russian bride tricks to keep you hooked while providing nothing. If you are an avid follower, you know of similar sites … Read more

Stay Away from the Tinder Copycat and Hold on to Your Hard-Earned Cash screencap

Is a genuine dating site? From what’s available on the site, we can’t say it deserves much credit. Hookup sites that use fictional profiles never provide the services promised on the front page. Following the pattern of location-based searching, the site uses the Tinder concept to match you with people living nearby. You know … Read more