A Brand New Scam with Age-Old Tricks and Twists screencap

It doesn’t take long to complete a review when the scam model is so close to what we’ve seen in the past. For, it took us an average of ten minutes to confirm the initial suspicions about this hookup site. Unless you want to read the long rules and regulations on only to … Read more is Nothing Like Thai Cocktails: Scam Revealed screencap

Most Thai things are very nice – cocktails, beaches and food. People have very high expectations about Thai experiences. They fall for the fun adventures, the warm climate, the hot dates and the great holidays. Is everything Thai-related really so fun and fabulous? Having in mind our experiences with we shouldn’t share that opinion. … Read more is a Deceitful Service Well-Known to Regular Visitors of Dating Sites screencap

Did you miss out old frenemies Nautell? No, we know you didn’t, but even more, this is why you need that the network got an overhaul (once again!) and that they have a new name. But, no, they have not fallen into an oblivion or changed their manners. They have a minimal change here and … Read more is a Total Scam screencap uses a series of tricks from its typical repertoire. It’s all about the illusion of a real dating site where plenty is happening. The real story is that anything can seem real online. When you don’t have a tangible truth of what is real and what is fake, it’s easy to fall prey to … Read more is Just a Platform for Selling a Bunch of Useless Services to People Who Like Getting Laid scareencap

These commercial dating services use so many innovative ways to dupe you. uses the tricks about selling gifts and cards, as well as cam services that are just there to rip you off. We wonder if the dating site is about selling the webcams instead of about creating hooking up opportunities for people who … Read more And Its (Almost) Invisible Association With the “Free Lifetime Membership” Network screencap

Although it’s not Nautell that coked yet another scam for us, it might be as well be a subsidiary of the same one. is a site by the company that works with false women profiles called Love Stars. It produces hundreds of deceitful sites with the “Free Lifetime Membership” offer that is totally fake. … Read more

Is There a Way to Tell if is For Real? Let’s Find Out screencap

It’s not always easy to come to the true nature of a dating site. For example, was really problematic because it looks very suspicious, but the “Terms and Conditions” don’t include the usual stuff that fraudulent dating sites usually include, such as fake profiles and commercial dating services. However, it seems very weird, it … Read more is Totally Fake and Deceptive Selling Cheeky Videos and Cams screencap

Are you in need of some real expert help? If you are interested in getting laid for free on high-quality dating sites with mature women, don’t seek your sex happiness here! The people behind are not some top reputation professionals that can be trusted. Want some help with getting laid? Avoid this site like the plague! We have … Read more is the Recent Release of the Age-Old “Love Stars” Scam screencap

If you’ve had it enough of the scams associated with the fake women called “Love Stars” we totally get you. After all, the companies who stand is behind this perpetuating fraud does not have an intention to stop! The only ultra moment you are going to get from is the ultra lies and deceits. … Read more Uses Bogus Profiles and Duplicate Content screencap

When you expect too much of a dating service, you are most likely to notice its faults. But, when you are not looking for details and you are fast forward to getting laid, mistakes happen more easily. In the case of, you may be just too horny to notice that you are being tricked. If … Read more