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How easy is it today to find a date online? If you have experience only with Tinder, you may not have a good idea what other websites and apps offer. And the online dating world is not so straightforward, let me tell you. On the contrary, it’s full of scammers! In this review, you will … Read more

Full-Blown Scam Exposed: is a Fake Dating Website! screencap

Dating bigger girls is not so popular when you are in a nightclub. Therefore, many users like hopping online to solve the matter directly, without beating around the bush and explaining themselves to their friends. Did you know that many men prefer dating bigger ladies but can’t really admit that they do since that’s not the … Read more

How is Still Pulling Off the Same Scam from Ages Ago screencap

The repeated investigation of shows there is no improvement or changes in the way this hookup site does business. Obviously Bulova (the company behind this network doesn’t plan on stopping the fraudulent way of creating commercial dating platforms. From about half a year ago, things stay the same. Who knows if raising a concern with the … Read more Review Reveals Date Boosters and Activity Alerts from the Arsenal of Bulova Network screencap works with all possible scam weapons usually applied by Bulova network. If you know the things about the commercial extortion tools of this network, this will not be a big surprise. If you are new to the network, you will be shocked at how such a good-looking dating site can implement so fraudulent scamming … Read more

Quick Revelations About & Its Multiple Ways of Charging You screencap

Once you find it, seems like a very busy site. The members’ database page has so much activity, that you may think that you’ve joined a real sensual dating heaven. It’s buzzing with profiles of cute women which seem like they have nothing better to do but eagerly wait for sex dates from new … Read more

Why Will Get You in a Bunch of Troubles with Its Fake Date Boosters screencap com is an adult dating site for casual daters looking for an NSA relationships and off-the-hook flirts. Will they find anything like it here? From the review we have performed on the chances of getting laid are slim. This hookup site uses marketing tricks called Date Boosters for scam purposes and will trick … Read more

A Tour of Indicates That We Are Being Led by the Nose screencap

There have been so many times that we have written reviews for Bulova network websites that we’ve lost count. If you’re wondering whether you should stay safe in, then you are 100% right. This is an effective and a deceptive dating website that will do just nothing for your intentions to get laid. Online … Read more Fools People By Using Suspicious Promotional Offers screencap

if you are tempted by big, beautiful, voluptuous girls, you will be happy to have come upon However, this hookup app is not what it presents to be. We have discovered a number of ways in which it tricks its customers into buying more than they need, and we will elaborate them here in the following … Read more

How to Find Out the Real Deal With Hookup Site screencap is a hookup application which charges commercial services. This is one of those casual hookup sites that use different ways to take the money from their customers. Read the review below to learn more about all ways in which charges money from its customers. Authenticity We give you one solid evidence of the Bulova … Read more

15 Up-and-Coming Online Hookups Scam Made by

PlayCougar screenshot is the newest addition produced by Bulova we have discovered while searching for new, cool legit dating sites. You must give it to the Bulova network, they really know how to pull off a great looking site and lure people in. These masters of design produce beautiful pictures and front pages. Yet, that doesn’t mean that … Read more