Scam Exposed: How is Pulling You by the Nose with Misleading Info screencap

When a hookup scam is well known to the team of Adult Dating Patrol, it doesn’t take long to unveil the truth about its workings. This type we are reviewing a site for people for fuller figures. They not always have the chance to meet so many people because they’re not really mainstream. But many … Read more

How We Found Out that is a Deceitful Dating Website screencap is a site for dating mature ladies. You get the picture from the photo of that cool lady that’s on the front page. False dating websites really know how to pull this off with sites for matures. In fact, older members are an easier audience since they don’t spend as much time in nightclubs … Read more is Full of Con Artists and Scam Wizards that Steal Your Precious Time screencap

What can you do when you find a dating site that uses third-party companies as their main suppliers? You know that you do business with crooks. This is a regular method for avoiding responsibility. It just pours everything in the accountability bucket of the other company. Users and third-party suppliers need to communicate with each … Read more Creates Bogus Profiles to Keep You Active and Spend Money is a member of Venntro Media. For this one, though, we have an absolute proof that it’s a scam. That makes us doubt strongly that the other members of this network are frauds. We will keep following what’s going on with this network and keep you informed of potential mishaps and baits. Why is … Read more

Find Out The Dirtiest Secrets of Shocking Scam Exposed screencap real requires from you to state that you are an adult before they let you join in. In all those permissions and flashing green and red buttons, you may not notice that you must agree to fantasy profiles before you are allowed to get in. Why is a Fake Hookup App? The reasons for … Read more – The Dating Site for Swingers and Scammers screencap

If you’re wondering if Adulthookup is one of the top rated hook up sites then you’re in the right place. This review explains everything about the site and clearly defines whether or not it’s good or bad. For those curious, some adult dating sites are only for specific audiences. On the other hand, other dating … Read more

Better Late Than Never:’s Scam Revealed Just in Time screencap

I can’t believe we haven’t reviewed by now! They’ve been spoiling the word of decent adult dating for a while now and if we don’t do something about it they will do so for years to come. Just in the typical ways of Nautell and Tralox, SwipeCheaters is a total rip-off that can severely exhaust your money … Read more Makes Your Naivety Your Bad Luck: Dating Scam Warning screencap

Have you heard of the Online Dating Council? It sounds like one big dating authority, doesn’t it? So, when you see a hookup site that carries a badge stating that it has been awarded by the Council that must be a plus, right? That’s just an average thinking of an average customer. Most online dating … Read more

How Come That Dating Scams Like Still Exist? This Review Explains screencap

This short review of will explain all that you need to know about the fictive business of online dating made by the companies that use virtual profiles called Online Cupids. There is no way to circumvent this procedure. You have to agree with them. One other very important thing – the photos used on the front … Read more Scam Review: No Way Around the Fictitious Women Profiles screencap is yet another example of manipulating users with virtual profiles of girls. These virtual profiles are called Online Cupids – yeah, right like you’re going to fall in love with them or like they’re going to help you get laid. You can find more about them in the Terms and Conditions of the site. … Read more