Revealing Underhand Tricks by Fake Chat and Programmed Messages

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Many times companies advertise dating opportunities on their website like amazingly successful. They say that they will do wonders for your love life and, more importantly, for your sex life. On for instance, there are dozens of exciting testimonials stating that you’re dating life will have a magnificent overhaul and that you will stop feeling so lonely, depressed and spending nights alone. This is just a catch for mature people because most of them are not that active as the younger population. We came close to discovering the scam of even from the first page, but we were definitely sure once we’ve read the Terms and Conditions.

Why is a Casual Sex Scam?

After hundreds of reviews, we can’t stop being surprised any time we see a new creation by one of the fraudulent networks. The surprise is that they are so persistent with their underhand tricks. There is one good question to ask: how on Earth does it feel to pull off dozens of the same scams, using the same method and repeating the features on all of these resources? is a Together Networks website

If you’re not aware at all for the Together Networks manipulation, now is a good time as ever to meet the two-faced fraudulent services and learn what they’re are capable of doing. Usually, they deploy same tricks  – they just change the design and some of the features on the website with tiny details. That’s just enough to make you think that you’re joining an original resource (if you’re not that experienced). However, if you have some experience from casual hookup sites there is no way you fall for the crooked website. If this is you and you managed to find out about the scam, congratulations. Otherwise, you’d better read the following sections to understand how this company tricks its users with multiple copied websites.

Notifications with Activity Alerts

Activity alerts are just automatic pop-ups with messages on the screen that don’t have anything to do with real girls or, better to say, women. This is after all. a mature dating website The point is that uses software and bots to impersonate real women. They create the feeling of an active website with lots of women who like to get laid. What’s even more suspicious is that no more and no less, those women are desperate to date precisely you. At least that’s the impression you’re going to get when you first meet with this popup notification system. Think about whether those messages are real or fake. If you tried to engage in communication, you’ll notice that you won’t be able to reply without any subscription. You need to pay and get one of the upgrade membership packages or you just won’t be able to respond back. All you’ll see will be popup windows with no possibility to reply.

Promoted Messages for Constant Communication

The fake profiles used a fake chat. The fake chat feature on is called promoted messages. They are presented under the guise of supportive content for users. In order to help them improve their communication skills or find someone that matches their desires faster, users can test promoted messages. Unfortunately, the site reserves the right to pull away from this feature after which you remain with nothing at all. That’s just a bunch of computer content that didn’t produce any real results. If they persuaded you to buy their SMS package, that’s even worse.

Price Tag

  • $4.47 payment for a 3-day trial
  • $34.99 payment for a 1-month membership
  • $59.96 payment for a 3-month membership
  • $95.94 payment for a 6-month membership

Busted or Trusted?

If this is your first time on one of the casual sex sites produced by Together Networks, be careful. In the beginning, the site looks really decent. Its quality design and multiple features will give an impression that you really have chances of meeting someone immediately. However, don’t forget to check other websites by Together Networks to understand how this company copies websites. They sell the same membership all over the network built from duplicate content.


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  • Alex says:

    I wish I checked n researched them before I paid… smhbut this was very helpful. Thank you for making this article

  • Sarah says:

    My husband received fake emails from flirty mature. He says he never created an account and he doesn’t know where they got the information from. Is it possible this account was created by someone else? Or did he actually have to create the account to receive messages? Basically want to know if you created the account or is it possible it was created for him?

  • Joseph says:

    How to delete this site? Plz help me.

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