is a Scandinavian Trick for Selling Fake Dating Services

Okay, it is not like is really a Scandinavian trick, but if you use it from a mobile, it turns into a Scandinavian-friendly alternative which has target reach in the Nordic countries. Despite the expedition to the north, it is still a big scam produced by Together Network Limited. It is not like they have done the same lies before, they have dozens of websites about French, Thai or other faraway countries. Unfortunately, all of them are based on the same virtual chatbots and front pages principle. We will present a review of what is happening in the next sections.

Why is a Fake Dating App

Follow the next four paragraphs to conclude how starts perpetuating the same scam over an over again by:

  • Creating a bunch of almost identical websites
  • Populating them with fake pictures to make the illusion of real profiles
  • Selling you Date Bundles (the same website) under different subscriptions
  • Pestering you with the chatbot alerts
  • Providing no real opportunity to get a trial

 Duplicate Profiles To Monopolize Multiple Subscriptions

Together Network Ltd as always uses the similar interface to create a matching website to its previous products. The only difference is that has a hot Scandinavian couple as a front picture. Otherwise, almost everything is the same. They admit that they create duplicate websites and that they copy your uploaded information on all of them. You explicitly give them the permission to do so. At this point, this can only be a privacy problem. But, it grows into something more, and you will discover more about the way it does that in the following sections:

 Date Boosters and Date Bundles to Sell the Same Sites All Over Again

As a benefit, the site offers special Date Booster and Date Bundle packs to its paying visitors. However, this is exactly where the fraud lies. Date Bundles are promotional offers for the series of existing websites, which means that you are overpaying triple the price or even more, depending on how much you “boost” your profile by spreading it on all member websites, which you do anyway, only by subscribing!

“Activity Alerts” Instead of Chatbots

Of course,  none of this would be possible without the existence of special software that plays the main role on It is the pseudonym for fake profiles called “Activity Alerts”, the false profiles made with the intention to send all sort of junk and offers to its users, and to impersonate women!

Yes, these boosters are not the only problem with The main issue is related to Activity Alerts. The Activity Alerts are a clever way to wrap fake profiles and fake messages in one shiny promotional offer. It is difficult to recognize the same classic scamming methods for dating sites, however, dig a bit deeper and you’ll pull the truth to the surface.

No Real Trial Version on

One very vital thing you may not even notice in all these shenanigans: does not provide a real chance to get the trial version. Yes, it is present on the main platform. Yes, it is offered with a promotional price, but you can’t cancel it! It automatically renews for a one-month membership, because in order to cancel it, you must do it 3 days ahead. And that is how long the trial is!

Price Tag

  • $4.07 for a three-day trial
  • $35.64 for a one-month subscription
  • $59.97 for a three-month subscription
  • $93.86 for a six-month subscription

Busted or Trusted?

Just as with any fake website produced by Together Network, you won’t find any new, fancy, sexy stuff here – just fake profiles and ridiculous products that don’t have anything to do with what you really want – to get laid!

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