We’ve Gathered Proof of the Scamming Methods Used by DateCasualUK.com

DateCasualUK.com screencap

Dating sites with no-strings-attached possibilities are emerging like mushrooms after the rain. They all use typical scamming methods, by luring new users in with fake profiles, expensive memberships and by sending fake electronic messages. If you are a completely new user, you have no chance of recognizing that you’re being duped. The newest addition to … Read more

The Biggest Time-waster and Rip-off Master in One: HotandFlirty.com

HotandFlirty.com screencap

Today we have the honor or, better to say, the lucky chance to discover the fraud of HotandFlirty.com. Again, this is a Timespace Holdings Limited product. All tricks used here are very similar as we have found them so far on other websites. Be careful because this site is very nicely designed. You can fall … Read more

FlirtHut.com Will Keep You Warm and Cozy on Your Sexless Nights

FlirtHut.com screencap

What is so special about FlirtHut.com? Well, for starters, it offers a decent amount of free credits. This is not the usual practice of casual hookup sites. Typically, you need to buy dozens of new credits to be able to perform basic functions and use basic features. Below we will describe the process of arranging … Read more

PassionMatches.com: Don’t Go Too Far in Getting Your Hopes Too High

Online Flirts popular in our latest reviews. Perhaps the reason for meeting them is that we are dealing with the same company using them on several websites. Yes,  that’s the usual practice, so if you don’t read anything new about the features on PassionMatches.com, don’t be surprised. It’s all the same in the world of … Read more

SweetDiscreet.com is Not so “Sweet & Innocent”: This is the Bitter Truth

SweetDiscreet.com screencap

SweetDiscreet has a bunch of fake women called sweethearts. These sweethearts are so undeserving of the name! They seem nice only by the picture and by initial contact. They can get so pleasant that you will want to text them as soon as you get the chance. No worries though – you will get more … Read more