How Scams New Members: We Unveil a Typical Fraud with Fantasy Profiles screencap

Some frauds seem to never cease attracting new members with small adjustments to their existing patterns. In the scenario with, we have seen it all before. If you are a true follower of Adult Dating Patrol, you have probably seen it all before, too. In contrast, people new to this site will need to … Read more Uses Fantasy Profiles to Create Make-Believe Women screencap1

It doesn’t take a long time to reveal the deceptive ways website networks use to spread their preying claws to innocent new members. After you’ve been collecting experience on rip-off dating sites, the first two or three minutes are usually enough. But if you are a young hookup blood, it’s easy to get duped such … Read more

We’ve Gathered Proof of the Scamming Methods Used by screencap

Dating sites with no-strings-attached possibilities are emerging like mushrooms after the rain. They all use typical scamming methods, by luring new users in with fake profiles, expensive memberships and by sending fake electronic messages. If you are a completely new user, you have no chance of recognizing that you’re being duped. The newest addition to … Read more Review screencap is a new discovery with old tricks. It belongs to a company that works in niche industries using the same methods but naming the sites differently. As you can see, many fraudulent partnerships that get into this business use similar strategies. However, not everyone is so familiar with how they are creating a poor … Read more

How is Double-Crossing Its Customers: Scam Revealed! screencap takes you on a ride like you’ve never had, but not in a good way. This site has a lot of profiles that don’t look like real users. You may be even able to notice that on the front page with the Tinder-like feature, but you will confirm your doubts when you read more … Read more is Trying to Scam You With Illegitimate Entertainment Profiles screencap

Entertainment profiles are a popular way to sell you services on hookup apps that you don’t actually need. We’ve met this method before. It’s so common that one cannot but ask the same question all over again. How is it possible that the same techniques work on hundreds of websites? Why do people fall for … Read more

How We Found Out That Is a Fake Dating Website screencap

If you want to fool someone more easily, just give them what they desperately want. A hookup site with a fancy UK vibe will be definitely more attractive for their users. uses this trick to nail the fraud with fantasy profiles and convoluted memberships that have questionable pricing. After all, we are not that surprised. … Read more

Red Alert: Pulls Another Credits Bundle+Fantasy Profiles Scam! screencap

There is no way around some fraudulent hookup sites if you are only a bit more careful. Paying some attention to how tricks its users will save you a lot of troubles down the way. On the other hand, if you just skip through the registration steps, it will be more difficult to notice … Read more is Sensual Only in the Realm of Fantasy: Fake Profiles Discovered screencap

Sites that sell credits don’t bring too much value and trust to online dating. When they also use fantasy profiles, such as, we guarantee that you are in for a scam. These fictitious profiles are made for entertainment purposes and will not give you some thrilling experiences to look forward to. Unfortunately, this is … Read more