Target Escorts Review: Luxury Call Girls in the Alps

Target Escorts Review screenshot

Most of the escort agencies I have reviewed in Europe are new. Target Escorts is well over two decades old. This gives it an aura of unmatched experience. Of course, this is only true if you follow the information on websites and hold it as absolute truth. From my experience, this is hardly ever the … Read more

Candy Shop Escorts Review

Candy Shop Escorts review screenshot

If you’re looking for genuine dating opportunities, you should definitely not search for them on escort websites. There are plenty of problems you can encounter by hiring call girls, especially if you are in an unknown area such as another country. So if you’re traveling to Manchester and thinking of taking the risk to date … Read more

Chikas Review: Chilean Escort Scam Exposed

Chikas Review screenshot

The page Chrome snippet gives it all to you. It’s about photos, pornos, and non-retouched selfies of hot Latinas in Chile. This website looks more like a webcam service than like an escorts directory. The pictures of the girls are like from porn videos. Although I found a piece of the content to be truthful, … Read more Review Review screenshot looks like an Australian or Southeast Asian Backpage. The problem is that it is poorly designed and almost inactive. So, on top of creating all confusion as usual fake classifieds sites do, this one also has a very scarce potential even for paid dates. You get the usual mix up of categories between dating … Read more

Open Adult Directory Review: The Truth Comes Out…

Open Adult Directory Review

It’s not often that I find massive escorts about directories. But this time I came across a worldwide service that includes locations in the UK, Europe, and international locations. Open Adult Directory shared a decent amount of information on escort websites on various global locations. On one hand, I’m sure you will find a lot … Read more

5 Escorts Review

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If the site has over 260 K escorts, do you have better chances to get laid and find a date for free? Not a chance! Escort sites are based on the principle of commercial advertising platforms, and if you are looking for free hookups, don’t waste your time on sites that ask for money! They … Read more Review Review screenshot

This review turned out to be more genuine than expected. Naturally, you can never protect enough from crooks, fraudsters, and various online scams. But it seems that some of the content posted here comes from real people with real profiles. Some genuine business interests are there. I did my typical research to separate the weed … Read more

Indy’s Review: Nothing But Complete BS, No Good!

Indys Review screenshot

It’s funny how is called a premiere intimacy provider website. I like how they twist the truth of these commercial dating services to make you think you are in for an outstanding casual experience! From what I’ve examined in this Indys review, you are not going to get far in the free sex arena! … Read more

Skokka Review: Adult Classified Site To Watch Out For…

Skokka review screenshot is subtitled “Adult Dating Reference”. I have no idea what this means unless it’s somehow related to the fact that it’s a total streetwalker site. When you log in you’ll get the warning that it doesn’t allow an exchange of sexual services for money, but the facts I discovered in this Skokka review speak … Read more

Harlot Hub Review: The Adult Massage and Escort Hub (To Avoid)

Harlot Hub Review screenshot

The Harlot Hub review took longer than I expected. The site looks simple but I still needed to take a number of steps to ensure it’s not all empty promises. I wasn’t right, though. This web service has a bit different name than the Backpage series, but it looks very similar. Even the ToU include … Read more