LonelyMilfClub.com is Bamboozling You With Fake Profiles “Online Cupids”

A lot of time is saved when it is obvious right from the start that we are dealing with false businesses. With LonelyMilfClub.com the announcement with the “Online Cupids” took care of most of the doubts. This service is including the news about the virtual profiles on the subscription page, as many others do, to cut through the chase right from the beginning. However, many people still don’t understand that they are being bamboozled and hope to get laid when joining these sites.


If you want to get informed about all tasks put in front of the Online Cupids, you can choose to look into the Terms and Conditions. They have a complex “job description” but the main point is to keep people engaged and entertained when they join the site and don’t know where to start. Actually, that is the best moment to fool someone about the real dating prospects on LonelyMilfClub.com – just when the user is all new and has no idea what is happening. Here is the subscription page:

Why is LonelyMilfClub.com a Fraudulent Website

Unfortunately, if you’ve joined LonelyMilfClub.com as an optimist, it is our duty to tell you about how things really stand. The chances for casual sex are poor. All women are just automated profiles and the messages are pre-created. Read below to find out more:

You Must Pay Interest and Admin Costs for Past Payments

If you miss on some payment, you are responsible for paying interest. The interest rates are pretty high. If you are expecting low rates, you’d better join a place with fixed rates. The only thing that is fixed here is your accountability. You are definitely responsible for paying all that’s related to late payments, foreign exchange transactions, admin costs, and any extra fees that may turn up.

Online Cupids Operate with More Than One Profile

When you join, you’ll find out that there are plenty of women with sexy pics and sexy names who are all of a sudden, making a way to your inbox in spades. So many messages, that you may think that you are the hottest guy in your whole town! It’s easy to make that happen when you manage dozens of profiles from a single point, as the Online Cupids do:

Fake Messages Created by Computers and Sent to Multiple Users

The Online Cupids use previously prepared messages to send to multiple users at once. While you may think that the hot message is intended for you, you are actually being targeted in a chain of messages for maximum results. When none of the users know that the same content has been subject to the similar methods, the scam is even more successful.

Price Tag

  • $29.95 for a one-month membership to the full dating service.
  • $69.00 for a three-month subscription to the full dating service.

Busted or Trusted?

LonelyMilfClub.com is a fraudulent web service for users who are not yet familiar with how these online dating scams work. The mature women that you are seeing all over the member database are not real. There is no chance of you meeting any of them. It’s best if you have that clear to avoud any disappointments or just keep your money safe instead of spending it on unreal hookup sites.

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