Gives You a Bait to Sell You Non-Existent Features, the recent addition to the scams that duplicate or link to the same site as the copies is on today’s agenda. Unfortunately, the hookup app may look good and exciting, but it is not delivering up to its promise. So, if you think that will bring you incredible local sexting, let us break the illusion sooner rather than later. You don’t want to be spending too much of your precious time on a site with little truth and essence such as


This hookup app looks good on smartphone, but if you access it from a desktop computer, you will immediately notice that something is wrong with it. And that is normally just what you would expect from an app which is not a pure hookup app – a scam. And we are here today to expose the scam for what it is. is just a copy of, another deceptive service with a similar name and fake features. Read more below to find out how is this happening.

Why is a Faulty Web Dating Service

Now, if you need more persuasion about the dirty tricks of than the fact it is just a ridiculous imitation of another scam, give it a go by reading the text here: Uses the Excuse of a Dating Site to Sell Cam & Video Content

When you join, you will see a rich drop-down menu with many various services. If you think that these are related to the users of the site to make their dating lives richer, think again. This is not for the purpose of the customers. Why would anyone want to have xxx movies and cam girls put into their face, when they’ve joined a site to have some good time, get laid and exchange some cool or sexy messages? Well, they don’t! But, created the opportunity to turn the members’ area into an advertising platform and sell needless paid services to the registered customers. So not cool,!

Computer-Generated Content in Your Chat Inbox

This practice is really annoying and something you won’t be able to escape from, even if you hang on the site for a while and for free. Especially if you hang around the site for free! This is when the computer-generated messages become irritating and start pestering you constantly. The point of the continuous message flow (namely from various hot girls, and in fact from fake bots) is to seduce you into upgrades. Because when you try to send a reply to one of the sexy pictures or send a message to the email inbox, the prompt shows up. And the prompt asks you to pay hundred dollars per month!

The Pre-checked Boxes on Will Contain Hidden Fees

Can you believe that is pulling the small-print scam on you? Only if you are detail-oriented you can make it out of the scam. I wouldn’t hope for too much authenticity or honesty from a dating app that “helps you” by pre-checking the boxes for the extra services and puts them in tiny letters below the main offer! You won’t be able to notice them at all! If you look into the incentives – the girls, it is very likely you are going to miss this trick. includes full $100 dollars per month just for one initial membership purchase.

Price Tag

As this site is connected to the age-old card preauthorization scam, be careful when you submit your order:

  • One month to the regular service of costs $49.95
  • One month to an additional service you don’t need because they are all copies cost $39.87
  • Another charge to the Video Erotic service, which is just regular paid porn costs $49.61

Busted or Trusted?

The fake testimonials on the front page, the poor interface of the desktop site, the connection to and the overly unnecessary features are way more than enough for us to call a scam. In fact, it is one of the worse online dating scams, since it transfers on the web version and on the apps. Be careful!

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