is a Scam is associated with Dating Frame, the company that has several fake websites under the XDating hood. They typically start with three or four opening questions asking your opinions or attitudes about online casual dating. Questions are about your discreet behavior, your sexual habits for using protection, your age and your way of conducting with other people online. Once you are labeled as “good to go” (everyone is!), you are in and the annoying scam starts at full capacity.

The Review 

The first tricky moment of is the girl that take her clothes of as you answer the questions. As you go deeper into the question answering process, she gets more and more naked, until she gets totally nude. By that point, you have lost your capacity to evaluate what is real and what is a lie, and you’ve lowered your tolerance threshold for fake stories. You won’t even notice that you are getting pulled by your nose and rode around like a mule that knows nothing of grown-up life. When you see that the site is full of false profiles, it may just be too late.

Why is SuperHookup One Big Fat Lie of a Site?

The virtual profiles are very complicated stuff on most profiles. Even more so on where things get so twisted that you can hardly get the hang of it.

Fabricated Profiles Called “Online Emissaries” Mess With Users

Typically, the fabricated profiles on most casual sex apps are bots. This means that there is a software that generates their activity, such as their profile descriptions, their chat messages and their email and instant messaging habits. Things get really ugly once you start chatting up these profiles and expect to get a real date. You won’t get far unless you upgrade! The thing with these fake profiles called Online Emissaries is that you never know if they are chatbots or fake employees! In any case, their sole intention is to rip you off! Bears no Accountability for the Fake Profiles’ Actions

On other hookup sites, the main website usually explains the fabricated profiles and states that they are for entertainment purposes and nothing else. In this place, things are convoluted to the max – it seems that has nothing to do with how these profiles act. Can you imagine this strategy? It beats us! The only explanation for this weird claim is that the Online Emissaries are even faker than any other fake women. You can never get the hold of them and they can wreak havoc on the site!

Cost to Join

  • $2.72 for a 2-day trial membership.
  • $34.50 for a 1-month membership.
  • $81.90 for a 3-month membership.
  • $95.40 for a 6-month membership. Review Score:  “F”

As stated above, SuperHookup is one big and super-fat lie that poses several challenges for dating veterans and for newbies. Those legal provisions can get the better of ultra-experienced users of hookup apps. Unless you are totally of the hook with your dating habits and like playing fire with hookup platforms, you’d better take yourself somewhere else. You won’t find anything useful on

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