Sugar Nights Review: Not As Sweet As You Think…

Sugar Nights screenshot

Yet again I need to open my eyes wide when I scroll on web dating services. These fraudsters really use unique names and descriptions to fool members into getting a service. Now we no longer speak of subscriptions, because escort sites are a combo of multiple scams that could go wrong. Sugar Nights, for instance, … Read more

Courtisan.Net Review: Ukraine Escorts At Your Service?

Courtisan Net review

As you may already know some of the best looking girls are in Eastern Europe. No wonder so many businesses, true or false, use them to collect customer’s money! I can’t even remember the number of times I’ve dealt with fake dating sites for Ukrainian chicks. Now I have to do it all over again … Read more is Outright Lying You: We Expose a Direct In-your-face Scam screencap

We found out that a group of UK hookup sites works the same scam in several similar sites. It’s easy to pull off a scam when you have the same resources with a different design at your disposal. Once you know the method, you can replicate the same fraud on multiple domains and have better … Read more is a Website That Will Offer a Bunch of Clouds screencap

Today we are reviewing the website that belongs to the Venntro Media Group. This scamming has a network of associated websites. We have already included reviews on plenty of their fraudulent products in our lists. If you’ve been through some of them, then you already know more than half of the problems you can expect. … Read more is Non-Existent dating App Linking to screencap

How come so many adult dating websites remain in existence when we are doing our best to dismiss and warn you about them? Well, the first and very obvious reason is the human character. It is full of frailties. People are not always with genuine intentions. On the user side, when it comes to casual … Read more

How Genuine is and Will You get Laid by Paying for a Subscription? screencap

Finding a through dating site can be one in a million occurrence. No wonder we get so surprised when the site has almost anything that’s necessary, and only involves a few minor issues! It seems that belongs to the legit dating site and that it can serve you for many years to come. it’s important … Read more Casual Hookups and Its Suspicious Registration Process screencap has a unique interface and it doesn’t look like anything we have seen so far in the world of online dating scams. This is why it deserves a more careful approach in investigating how much of its features are real and how much is fake. We have suspicions that believe that it’s not completely genuine. … Read more is as Fake as They Come screencap emphasizes three perks for the benefits of its users. The first is that you will get 100% discreet encounters via a one night stand on this website. The second is that each profile is checked manually, and the third is that you get connected with the most fitting local members. These benefits are nicely … Read more and Its Dubious Computer-Created Content That Needs Thorough Checkups screencap

What can you expect from and its features? Unfortunately, not much because this site is just a poor mobile platform which is available on a website and from the Google Play store to trick users into getting premium subscriptions and pestering them with electronic communications. Let’s find out more about this adult dating website. … Read more