is as Fake as They Come emphasizes three perks for the benefits of its users. The first is that you will get 100% discreet encounters via a one night stand on this website. The second is that each profile is checked manually, and the third is that you get connected with the most fitting local members. These benefits are nicely placed on the front page. Most users note these features as first on the website. It sounds nice, but the truth is that has many hidden features. If you don’t read the Terms and Conditions in full. You never know what will be wasted when you become a member.

Why is a Fake Hookup App?

There are problems with that come from the main website and the problems that come with the mobile app. In general, the problems from the mobile app are just the regular stuff that comes with mobile applications. However, let’s, for now, focus on the main website problems. Uses Fantasy Entertainment Service Tricking Users Into Believing they See Real Women admits in the Terms and Conditions that they use fictitious profiles. The reason they use this feature, they say, is because they conduct social behavior studies and like to have an insight into how users react and behave while visiting online dating sites. This can be a good justification, but it’s not true. The real reason for using fictitious profiles is to create profits. The fake profiles use computer-created messages and pester you with sexy chats until you decide to get credits or the gold membership.

Extra Paid Services with Credits and Gold Memberships

Surprise, surprise! You have to buy credits – and not only you can buy credits, but you can also get a gold membership! As you can see, has really nailed it with finding not one but two key methods for ripping you off.

It is the usual way of scamming businesses. They have no shortage of nasty tricks.  There is no chance to refund the credits, they’re with limited duration so you can use them up for a year, which is not as bad as some other sites where credits or tokens last only a couple of months.

You’re Giving Your Rights Privacy to

Please be aware that anything you upload on the site becomes a property of You have no right to change it or own it once it’s up there. Your profile can be used by the company and by other users, Although that’s forbidden, you can never know what kind of people populate the members’ area. This is a reason to not expose yourself by joining non-secure websites such as

Instead, try the Fling app.  (Totally different company.)

As you can see the total plan from the front page falls into the dumpster. They give information that they check each profile individually, and in the Terms and Conditions, they say that there are no guarantees about other user behaviors. All those nice perks and benefits are just advertising tricks that have nothing to do with reality.

Cost to Join

  • Membership is credit-based
  • Credits are non-refundable and expire in 12 months

Second Fling Review Grade:  “F”

There is not even a real need to investigate is so many details, because the site documents are very exhaustive. All important and intricate details about the operating of the site are there. If you go through them, you won’t find a question that is not answered or an area that is not covered. We can say that is honest in the Terms and Conditions. But – who nowadays reads this document in full? This is how most people are tricked. You’ll be no different if you decide to join the site and try it out for casual sex dating.

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