HiSlut.com is Non-Existent dating App Linking to QuickSexMatch.com

HiSlut.com screencap

How come so many adult dating websites remain in existence when we are doing our best to dismiss and warn you about them? Well, the first and very obvious reason is the human character. It is full of frailties. People are not always with genuine intentions. On the user side, when it comes to casual … Read more

NaughtyStrangers.com Review

NaughtyStrangers.com screencap

Some adult dating sites are so insecure that I find it really scary to navigate and inspect all their features. For example, NaughtyStrangers.com has redirections to several other links. It also provides a number of contributors, so that you’ll never know where you’re going to land. Because it’s difficult to judge and evaluate the dangers … Read more

Hotties-Finder.com Has So Many Redirects We Barely Could Get the Hang of It

Hotties-Finder.com redirects to MegaFuckbook and MyFuckbook

Hotties-Finder.com is not going to find any hotties for you. If doing anything, it will make you feel lost in the bunch of nonsensical links that bring you to a new landing page each and every time when you are asked to provide an email or fill out a short survey for your sexual preferences. … Read more

AffairFantasy.com is a False Site Redirecting to MilfFuckbook.com

AffairFantasy.com screencap

Website redirects are getting more popular. Regardless of the mechanism of the redirection, the fraud is nevertheless the same. Sometimes, the fraudsters just work as partners, and sometimes, the main company is pulling off the same scam in multiple ways. In the case of AffairFantasy.com, it seems that the site has partnered with deceitful partners who are … Read more