Lilyfields Review

Lilyfields Review screenshot

We all know that London is heaven to find sex in all possible forms. But if you are looking for free dates, this can be a challenge. Due to the liberal laws for independent escorts, many girls use the opportunity to make money from casual sex services. Escort agencies such as Lilyfields organize dates and … Read more

Loyalty Escorts Review

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Since I‘ve found many shaky escort directories in the UK area I’m not surprised that I’m writing this Loyalty Escorts review about the same region. The website uses an almost identical system as some of the other London related escort agencies I’ve explores before. Don’t fall for the sweet smooth talk of the UK based … Read more

Sugar Babes International Review

Sugar Babes International Review

A few of the escort providers I’ve seen offer all types of escort services, inclusive of various categories. For Sugar Babes International, you will immediately see that it works with female and male escorting services. This means it’s not a casual dating site! You won’t get free sex as all escorts have published their rates, … Read more

Escort Galleries Review: You Must Pay For Sex Here

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Writing a feedback for a hookup site involves a steady and diligent approach. I have to open my eyes and check every tiny bit and piece in detail. If I don’t want to miss an important fact, that’s a must. There is plenty to investigate on Simply said, it’s a site with a nice … Read more

Slixa Review

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Did we just find the pinnacle of male entertainment? Judging by the messages on, we definitely did! The main message is that this website changes the way men search for quality entertainment. There are some nice features on Slixa, but I’m not sure that they’are all genuine. The biggest issue I had with the … Read more

Fantasy Escort Guide Review: Fakes All Over…

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Fantasy Escort Guide is a typical website for call girls and escort agencies to promote their services. However, it calls itself an “Adult Community” which can confuse some users about the site’s content and what’s on offer. Because I come from the adult dating websites’ network I try to be as clear as possible in … Read more

Courtisan.Net Review: Ukraine Escorts At Your Service?

Courtisan Net review

As you may already know some of the best looking girls are in Eastern Europe. No wonder so many businesses, true or false, use them to collect customer’s money! I can’t even remember the number of times I’ve dealt with fake dating sites for Ukrainian chicks. Now I have to do it all over again … Read more

Escort-Ireland Review

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Are you looking to get laid on adult dating sites? And accidentally, you’ve come across escort sites and you are now seriously contemplating membership. I honestly hope you didn’t recognize yourself in this description! There is nothing worse than expecting an awesome experience on an escort site while ending up with nonsense. Today’s review is about … Read more

Cinderella-Escorts Review: Can You Find The Girl That Fits The Glass Slipper?

Cinderella-Escorts review

I’ve never, ever in my adult dating life came across something so ridiculously expensive such as the Cinderella-Escorts website. I’ve dealt with several hundreds of cash. Costs that amount to over 1K do not surprise me. But paying well over $30,000 for an escort girl is beyond belief. Who the hell wants to pay so … Read more

Macedonna Review: The Slavic Escort Site

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It took me less than half a minute to see what Macedonna is all about and trust me, this is not the place where you will get laid for free. It has dozens of paid escort services and many are total without any testimonials or reviews. I just stared blankly at them, not knowing if … Read more