Hookup Guru Review: Cams Before Dating Scams

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Do hookup sites work? What’s the best site for hookups in 2019? What’s the top site to get laid? Are there free hookups apps that are actually free? All good questions to ask by anyone looking to find good dating resources and expose scammers. But searching the web for the truth can be tough work. … Read more

Escort Book Review: Sites For Call Girls

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Today’s task is reviewing a new escort site called EscortBook.com. I must say it’s better to call it a content management system or a marketing platform. This service is based on providing web space for escorts which they can use to upload and advertise their services. In essence is not that much different from other … Read more

Erotic Monkey Review

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Erotic Monkey has some reputation among members of online escort directories. I’m not sure why since it’s one of the most restricted and pricier escort sites. I guess some people really don’t like trying their luck with free hookup apps and prefer paying to get laid. Why – it beats me! If you are looking … Read more

Friday Ad Review: No Real Ads That I Know Of Here

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What does it take for a UK site to become popular among dating newbies? Call it a site for ads and classifieds and you will see masses of people meeting online to get some good use of the offered content. But – it’s not enough to put the adjective “adult” on a website and make it … Read more

Sugar Nights Review: Not As Sweet As You Think…

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Yet again I need to open my eyes wide when I scroll on web dating services. These fraudsters really use unique names and descriptions to fool members into getting a service. Now we no longer speak of subscriptions, because escort sites are a combo of multiple scams that could go wrong. Sugar Nights, for instance, … Read more

Courtisan.Net Review: Ukraine Escorts At Your Service?

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As you may already know some of the best looking girls are in Eastern Europe. No wonder so many businesses, true or false, use them to collect customer’s money! I can’t even remember the number of times I’ve dealt with fake dating sites for Ukrainian chicks. Now I have to do it all over again … Read more

Escort-Ireland Review

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Are you looking to get laid on adult dating sites? And accidentally, you’ve come across escort sites and you are now seriously contemplating membership. I honestly hope you didn’t recognize yourself in this description! There is nothing worse than expecting an awesome experience on an escort site while ending up with nonsense. Today’s review is about … Read more

Escort Girls News Review: The Agency Site You Must Avoid!

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Now you cannot be safe across the globe. The same deceptive providers of paid sex services are occupying whole world locations from a single website. Dangers have just been multiplied! No city or country is safe with these scammers! The last website that I’m checking today is called Escort Girls News.   I hate it … Read more

Macedonna Review: The Slavic Escort Site

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It took me less than half a minute to see what Macedonna is all about and trust me, this is not the place where you will get laid for free. It has dozens of paid escort services and many are total without any testimonials or reviews. I just stared blankly at them, not knowing if … Read more