WantingSex.co.uk is Outright Lying You: We Expose a Direct In-your-face Scam

We found out that a group of UK hookup sites works the same scam in several similar sites. It’s easy to pull off a scam when you have the same resources with a different design at your disposal. Once you know the method, you can replicate the same fraud on multiple domains and have better results as more new subscribers sign up for the services you offer. That’s the situation with WantingSex.co.uk

Why is WantingSex.co.uk a Deceitful Dating Site

If you wonder how we find out that these hookup sites use fraudulent methods, let us tell you that it’s not that complicated. In fact, sometimes it’s more or less complicated because the deceptive methods are hidden. It’s not that obvious to notice what’s happening from the first tour. However, some networks are direct in their frauds, giving more details about them in the main regulatory documents. WantingSex.co.uk is one of the latter examples.

Fictive Profiles to Entertain Users

Just read this passage below and many methods will of WantingSex.co.uk will become clear. If you get into more detail, you’ll notice that they say everything:

  • The site is a product for entertainment purposes
  • There are no guarantees for getting laid, ever
  • They use computer-generated profiles

If this is not enough to make you run away far, we don’t know what is a better-informed way!

Messages by Computer-generated Profiles

The site uses computer-generated profiles to send messages to its users. The fictive profiles impersonate real women and use stock images to make users believe they’re chatting with real members. But the site explains that you may get real messages and that you may get computer-generated content. There’s no way to tell the difference – so this is how users get scammed.

100 % Access to Your Account Privacy

If you want to get privacy – forget about it! WantingSex.co.uk has a complete control over your account, sees everything that you communicate and knows your private data. You authorize the site to do that – have you noticed this fact when you’ve registered? Probably not, so we warn you to pay some attention to what you’ve given to the site.

Price Tag

  • 7 messages will cost you £9,99.
  • 20 messages will cost you £24,99.
  • 45 messages will cost you £45,99.
  • 90 messages will cost you £79,99.

Busted or Trusted? 

WantingSex.co.uk is a fake dating site with fictitious profiles, fake women photos, and computer-generated content. On top of everything, the site is not that cheap and you will need to pay a lot just to send a few messages. Our recommendation is to stay away from this service and look for hookup dates on genuine dating sites.

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  1. Is there anyway of claiming against the trade descriptions act for this site? I have spent a fortune over two years. There must be a way of suing this company?


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