How Genuine is and Will You get Laid by Paying for a Subscription?

Finding a through dating site can be one in a million occurrence. No wonder we get so surprised when the site has almost anything that’s necessary, and only involves a few minor issues! It seems that belongs to the legit dating site and that it can serve you for many years to come. it’s important to note that is mainly dedicated to older people (let’s say over 50). Maybe this fact contributes to its legitimate functions. From how much we’ve investigated you’ll find plenty of fun here if you are ready to spend some time ticking the boxes of a longish personality test and answering a series of detailed questions. is as detailed in the questions as it is in the site documents.

Why is a Legit Dating Site

What strikes as exceptional on is the fervor with which they explain what the site is all about. If you want to examine features in detail, you will need a solid 20-minute free slot to scroll down the page and read the description of each box. That may be annoying after you’ve spent at least half an hour on solving the annoying personality test and populating your profile. But it’s good to spend some time on an adult dating website that you can potentially use for longer.

Then again, some features on are not so user-friendly and we will look into them in the following sections. Engages a Debt Recovery Agency for Payment Issues

Some hookup sites with aggressive policies charge extras. They take precautionary measures to keep profits safe. Some charge interest, others again claim all administrative fees. goes a step ahead to protect its revenues by engaging a debt collection agency, which will charge you the main debt and the costs for the execution (you know how things stand in debt collection).

Linking to Other Websites Can be Risky

As it is regularly the case with commercial adult dating, you won’t have too many opportunities to feel safe. The site can’t protect you from fraudulent third-party linking. I guess this comes down to be careful when clicking new links, just as you do any time when you click on somewhere you have no idea what awaits you once the infamous link opens.

Your Profile is Visible on Other Partner Websites

Make sure that you are aware of the fact that anything you upload may find its place on corresponding websites associated with We guess it’s up to you how much risk you want to take because of inevitably sharing some information online in this digital age. But there is a good catch, too, which is explained in the next paragraph. is Anonymized for Privacy

There is evidently some Google technique for anonymizing user data to cover up the tracks. Okay, perhaps not exactly to cover up the tracks because it’s not like you have executed a crime. Yet, casual dating is a crime for some people. So, it’s better to have the chance for some anonymity than none at all!

Price Tag

  • $17.95 a month
  • $49.95 for three months
  • $69.95 for six months
  • $109.95 for 12 months

Busted or Trusted? seems legit. Can we guarantee that you will get laid with one hundred percent accuracy? Sadly – no. No one can do that for you since no one actually knows how skilled you are in adult dating online, or how good looking, or how charming and flirty you are. As always, it’s up to you what you make of what’s on offer. At least the initial offer on is decent so that you can make something out of it.

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