DO NOT STEAL THIS CONTENT! and Its Dubious Computer-Created Content That Needs Thorough Checkups

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What can you expect from and its features? Unfortunately, not much because this site is just a poor mobile platform which is available on a website and from the Google Play store to trick users into getting premium subscriptions and pestering them with electronic communications. Let’s find out more about this adult dating website.

Why is a Scamming Hookup Service is one of the most dangerous websites, security-wise. Whenever there is a chance to connect to a service from your Facebook profile you’re creating additional risks for your privacy. Despite what you’ve already risked with your online dating information, by getting out there in front of everybody, by providing credit card information to dubious processors and by taking a risk without any guarantees you now also need to use your Facebook profile to login and search for hookup dates.

As you already know logging in with Facebook information is risky because of the Facebook apps. All the information you provide from your list of friends. photos and other profile valuables from, the site will actually get access to all of your public information. If you log in with the Facebook log-in details it’s very unlikely that you remember what you’ve uploaded. This strategy makes particularly risky for your privacy.

Risky Facebook Logins

The site asks you to invite friends and acquaintances from Facebook, and encourage them to install and use the application. We’re not sure this it’s a wise idea unless you have very close friends there that share the similar sexual interests and preferences.  From our understanding of using online dating sites, the second risk comes from the co-branding for the use of products. Co-branding is something like a third-party linking. On you get a chance to use alternative services but as it is always the situation with third-party links, you must pay your own attention to what the third parties sell. You can never know what they come up with and how will this result on your bank stand statement and on your profile.

Electronic Communications

Usually, this means features for stimulating conversations. Electronic telecommunications are just a general name for advertising messages created by computers. They flood your inbox. Typically there are several types of electronic communications getting delivered to the inboxes: both to the mail inbox and sent via notifications on the screen. This communication seems to stimulate real conversations between people and resemble women so that you get the impression that you’re in an exciting world of sex dating with plenty of chances to get laid. Unfortunately, you don’t have many chances to find someone. Extra Subscription Fees

The subscription fees are never free. You must pay to use the premium membership. They are automatically renewed, so be careful if you only want to use the services of for a specific period of time, for example, for one month. At the end of the first month the membership auto-renewed. On top of the basic subscription, you will get charged with extra currency exchange and administrative bank fees.

Also, pay attention to free or promotional offers. They end suddenly and you have to pay the regular price for them!

Price Tag

  • Free for basic signup
  • From $12.50 a month

Busted or Trusted? is not something we meet for the first time. These types of scams are very familiar. The staff of Adult Dating Patrol knows them well. You can call them with various inventive and creative names. However, the reason behind the computer-generated communications is all the same. It is making users get into the mood thinking that they talk to a real woman. In the end, they charge humongous fees with the impression that users will find plenty of casual dates.

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